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Thing. She's gonna shacking james when they reached the rocks. The man hat pointed at the wall of stones suddenly a big boulder rock roll to one side and the man in the hat tells her you have a very important meeting with a very the pathum within of course rocky thinks the rocks like thunderbirds secret. Lair bowed has been wrote inside. You're a very important meeting with a very important person. In fact could it be jesus. Linda wonder gasp because the rolling back of the raw. Probably jesus jesus. And i think as close could it be jesus. She wanted but easter sunday was weeks away. Because then you wouldn't even blink. Which is that. well. He moved the rock easter sunday. He has got a lot on the third heroes. Okay the to was opened. There was just a white cloth. Inside is risen. What was the cross that was left behind just like a white cloth wrapped him then. He came back in a really fabulous gown novus. Joseph wasn't saying things sacrilegious that i needed to cover off law. Please do not get your religious education. Sexual education from porn i think. Belinda blinked like an allegory but not as a continuation of the bible. I continue a sequel to the bible. Like two thousand years between what the belinda is the messiah she lives in bible world which i guess people would give us all but like she lives in the congo you say the bible storyline teams lie down. Okay what you're saying that like all of the characters are basically biblical figures. Yes exactly belinda. Blink is a wholly tone so like giselle is like judas iscariot the one that portrayed her yes and who could be haired suggests godwin or a big should be heard because he was evil. isn't he. the last supper was when they had dinner at the duchess. This house right so tara. Gold is what j. What do we do a lot about this stuff. Rape both catholics. She'll lapsed cut. Yeah raised assistant rocky a saint or prophet or something going on this. I don't know if i put my name to any of this is this is a little bit. Five g conspiracy theory james people would feel pretty portrayed if this turned out to be some kind of strange as james says new edition of the bible. Saying it's like noneya because that's all about jesus really. Is that what you mean. you mean. Yeah yeah so waving day. The man in the hat. Belinda crawled through the cave admiring the moist stalactites and stalagmites. Does she wave hello to the in. The hat is good. I like hello like you can use it for both in hawaii. They say hello. Hello and bonds along. Its aloe low. Her petra say goodbye okay. If that's the question question so yes. So she's crawling through the cave admiring the moist. Stolac tights and static nights they were giddying phallic in appearance and even dripped. What looked like willie lotion or long. Lost lube with emotion. Long lost lube. That's an tv show to happen. Willie lotion long-lost liu. So that's is blue but really low showed images long-lost lu lu lu that was gone wire have you lost it..

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