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Linda Kenyon, Business Owner, Ennis discussed on News and Information with Dave Williams and Amy Chodroff


Linda Kenyon live from Capitol Hill at seven forty five coming up we're gonna talk to a local Dallas business owner who's a store front was damaged over the weekend he also lives downtown we'll get his thoughts coming up but first traffic on the fines at seven forty five years bill Jackson is sponsored by boost mobile's new upgraded network on six thirty five all the roadwork continues that it's stop and go between highway eighty and forest lane on seventy five central St about approaching six thirty five stalls reported in Ennis on I. forty five northbound approaching Creech bill road accidents being cleared out of the way there are some lingering delays in the area headed Irving a loophole for Walker northbound at shady Grove there's construction keeping it slow from singleton step up with boost mobile's new upgraded network with stronger signal faster speeds and more coverage you can stay connected to what matters most switch today an upgrade your life step up with boost mobile with KLIF traffic on the five side bill Jackson a weak disturbance in the Big Bend countries pulling some clouds and Gulf moisture up over US election leave us mostly cloudy in my little monkey behind your eighty seven today in.

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