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Other thing Kenny so last week one of the top trending topics in pop coal lose me Hey look if Karnal all and now I don't know what the top Cole I can tell you what to look at while don is trying to figure out where he went hi Kenny yeah I'm ready he wanted his googol J. send their willow okay how long has something in him as that you might wanna try to see if you can see what's in his pocket all prodigious the soldiers I'm just saying it's got some in his pocket all right in his pocket and you can check that out this is funny I also because we have this new system and it has locked me out is it an ad well I would go to his Instagram and see his picture in his shorts and apparently he is in this new I start there we go hello there we go we want you back at the do real Instagram picture chase just to catch your eye they made they made me Google Jason to rule and you yeah while I was gonna say yeah and the computer just dropped off don I got completely disconnected by the system and now it reconnected me anyway yeah anyway so yeah so kiddies all caught up so Jacinda Rouleau on Instagram he's on the side of a water fountain or something and just showing off well what god gave them and okay so that happened that got the cable I think so or somebody I know no one again sometimes the good lord gives with both hands anyway yeah I wanted to see that at what happens Hayes and well of course I mean come on let's not be so he's in cats now and forever and he is in cat and he was on a call in show promoting cats in ninety being anti it is giving zero Blake's just flat out said what did they do with you're junk in that cat suit and he said that they had to have it capital H. A. D. they had to C. G. I. out his junk in the cat suit if you could see it plain is is is the sign yeah so when you when you go when you go to see just knowing that they the rule edited for con for family friendly content can you imagine I can't but you can't use that you have to have can I also thought about the special effects team could you imagine being assigned to that you know what I mean Hey George what did you do on the new cats movie I had to edit out Cinderella's Jones an yeah I I just have to say yeah I don't sell superstar farm in the front I don't feel sorry for much be clearer rated I feel sorry for me actually I my goodness this page from Jurassic Park and it got in his britches yes it did by the way this conversation sponsored by Johnson boat company here we go got just so you it's Johnson Johnson for fifty years that's right thank you company I love that a good time to tell you that my father in law's name was Richard Johnson no one and it's a good time don is there a good to time for that I guess I don't know stuff I mean now is a good a time as any there you go I think it's a perfect time actually to be perfect I I can't even concentrate in the I mean I think he owes America favor and just just show us.

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