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Go to the store try on the dress in your side by what size. You are ordered the color that you need online like so for my wedding. Like all the bridesmaids pick the dresses. I did the order. They came literally in three days. Everyone loved their dress fit color. Everything was perfect for Libya's wedding on like, Tim. This is going to be so easy. I three dresses and they were so fucking ugly. Yeah. It's like sometimes when you're just told exactly what you need to do. Like the fact that we can get a wind dress from anywhere in the world is actually very difficult and he's only two free. If you tell me, I can only get a wine dress from revolve like this wine. I'll make it happen. A make it happen. You know, it's like why? Now, why this one there aren't enough rules, and it's annoying me. No, it you really need structure. And I didn't wanna be the one to tell the about she's gonna have to change your color, really thought wine. A burgundy was gonna work for me. And it's not it's it's not yet. No, there's no Justice. You know, where I looked Giovanni because I figured they'd probably could shit. Yeah. Upgraded Sherri hill. Yes. And they have three dresses in wine, and I really want something long. Sleaze do you. Remember when Angelina Jolie went to the officers and she worked, and we'll degree in sequined long-sleeved dress like a little center the ways, that's really the silhouette. I'm going for. We should go to Macy's. I can't I issues. I can't go to miss, and it smelled really bad, but I had such excess. I got to designer Justice one that I wore this weekend. Jill sander. And like I went to pay for them like I really needed to back tight dresses. I was willing to pay the piper. And there's just like they were just like the prices just kept getting slashed. It was like they were free. That's what they do at Lord. And taylor. I can't go to Macy's for so money Taylor before they I know they don't match russes everytime. Heather McMahon is on the toast. She's like she's always going to Lord and Taylor. She's obsessed with it went to Giannis outed seated. Yes, only God. Like, she. She's somebody. Did you see would she she did too? She did three. She did a new one last night. Yeah. And she was like. Oh, did you stop by lesley's? I say she's still hitting Stober candy Assad. She's so fucking funny original and creative and the only person who's more in love with her than me is the points guy. And I don't even think he's ever met her. Well, we should make it happen here on the toast. It's going to happen at the point guy awards, which you're going to by the way, right? Yes. It's got by we need address for that. There's so many things need dresses for today. I'm one of the bills may awards. I'm gonna Bloomingdale's I've started only going to Bloomingdale's for the personal shopping. And I use it in the personal shopping was only for rich people because I thought you had to pay for the appointment, however, long end, but you don't you don't the the personal shopper works off of commission. So it's like every time I go, I really a million things like a good statement pieces and the best woman Lisa who is a toaster. And she'll really appreciate being called out. Because she listens to the shows. Until today for CNA awards..

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