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I feel like with Kentucky shares year, they're they're getting back to defending turning people over. And then now you've got a player like Ryan Howard. When you need a basket toss score. I mean, that's kind of how she can roll. And that's nice to have if you're if you're Matthew Mitchell. I just worry about their lack post players. I mean, it really have a huge post presence. And if they wanna go up against NC state, you know, that's the challenge, you know, who's going to dictate style. But I just think Ryan Howard is a player that I put my money on, you know, I think I really like their chances, you know, west more you cover the AC a lot what he's done this year, given everything all the adversity that I've had speaks for itself, but Kentucky's a different team this year. And I think he McKinney might be healthy, and that's one of their post player she had a concussion and the SEC tournament. So if they're at full shrink, and they're healthy, they're turning people over everyone's click in. I mean, Kentucky's a really good team. You know, they played really good really well in the non conference. So I those are teams maybe kind of no one's really talking about. But I think they're really good. We're trying to I I really do. So speaking of really good at post play. We will end on Mississippi State. Because you. Yes. You have a lot of to your mccowan. And I really enjoyed your interview with the Schaefer family that was so well done untold set a lot about Vick. You know? I mean, we see these coaches, but when you hear their family talk about them definitely brings a different dimension. But you know, some people were surprised to see Mississippi State has one seed especially because they ended up not having to necessarily play the cream of the crop in the SEC coming through the tournament. But they didn't get one. See they will be in Portland, Oregon, ducks are the number two seats, actually, there's concern there. But is this team primed to make it to the final four make it back to the final four. Absolutely. I think second to Notre Dame thing. This state is playing the best basketball team in the country having seen them throughout the year. And then up close and personal and that SEC final man, it's just their defense. You know, they score. And you know, we always talked about Vic and the defense. But you know, they score they'll they'll get eighty ninety points. But their defense is just relentless. And I'm in those huddles, China, let me tell you that team on such a heart ends. There is no letting off the gas pedal, and some feeling you know, you wondered with them finally getting SEC championship. Are they going to stay hungry that whole, you know? Oh, we finally got it, you know, Sierra in you know, they oh finally got it. But you know, we talked to say for the other day. And he said he watched that fine only had four pages of legal pad note of all the things that they did wrong. And that's what they're going to go and show them. For practice tomorrow. So I was like, okay. You know, he's he's definitely going to have them out and up. Yeah. I mean, if you think about this state team trying to like, you know, to replace for seniors from last year's team that got to the final. And so you're taking the roster you go. How do you replace the player like Victoria against? Well, you've got a player like in real Howard comes over from San them. She's not gonna shoot the three elective ins. But she's been undersized score who's gonna get you extra possessions. And she scores. She's got an endless motor. Okay. Well that that word, bro. Johnston last year. She could shoot the three good defender. Well, now, you got esplanade is a Brian Scott off the bench, jazz the homes Eddie bitty. You know, they were kinda shoulder shoulder. So yeah. Those pieces it they just kind of flit in and everyone owns the role. And Vic just kinda just he has this way of these players play for him. And and then you got big teeth. E big in the middle. She's not forcing anything..

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