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No. I must say. I cannot. Do Right now, but yeah. All right go ahead I'm sorry. Just wanted to. Take. A couple of other items that we want to talk about right. What are we can't come back from that one, but this one yeah. And, where's the other thing? Mr Manner the orange? The Orange is sitting there. Okay cool. Scans Sally. Would you hold it for me? And Oh yes, both of me, thank you. All right child so. The David Banner. Well the banner vision, I should say bulletproof vest by thick skin and Scott thank you for introducing us to that Black Company that makes bullet proof vest, but this is a special edition. It's coming out in about a month. Our brand ambassador. Mr Derek Grace and this is a real bulletproof vest. Somebody some asshole was aggressive, really a bulletproof vest motherfucker. What did they say oh? And this meant so much to me because. When when when when he talked about his company, he said he wanted to make sure that the people you know. He was a police officer at the time, and he said the problem was. Is that black people were never ever making it to court? and. He wanted to make sure that his people were able to even make it a Lotta Times. We can't even defend ourselves. Yeah, you know, and then you got our it against a cop. Even we are alive, but you know our goal is to make should people are able to make like just through life in general, so you know and it's so crazy how people think that we made this stuff? For these times. Already and there was. was already common. You know what I'm saying absolutely, and so this is very important in Saudi custody, but I love about that vest is that we had him at a black business and now we're doing business with black businesses. and. So, where did you see no pro? The first time I've ever been happy. Because Ya. So, listen to this very important. I'll jokes aside. Tommy Nova said that he's GonNa stop because he's not gonNA wear vast. He said he doesn't wear any type of protection at all. Whether condom or bulletproof, but he said he would where David Banner podcast shirt when he engages in sexual activity. So I mean. He's meeting us half-way. He's putting some covering over. His body is just not projected, but he's covered. Yeah, exactly. I don't WanNa think about your shirt in that manner okay. I do. That's what I give them when they were done, do you? You GotTa Dig? Did you see now you see how this? Woman. I, never slip now the slip. Tummy nobody. Little Bro. Way We got a couple more things we're not done. We're not. We got the socks coming. Who? Along with those what else we get. Slides. Slides up there on table so they can see ooh. All black joint. Merge game. Yes Oh boy. This is all all. Bro I got to tell you row. This is the most proud I've ever been. In life, but she so. You extra small. Bro For the ladies only because they had their own. Let me see, let me see. And you know the ladies are wearing. smalls. Boy Shorts. That's what I'm saying. You got extra small. Extra smalls Shimmy. A cool. You wear fitted tank wear shorts, women. That's what we like to do. Good stuff good product. But I'm trying to get this wet check because I need to know.

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