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Well. That's just standard. Depending on what age you are. I guess this is true. Yeah this is absolutely true. All right we got some New Releases on video on demand and I want to start with the love birds because the love birds take me right back to the birds and tippy Hendra and all those ski birds and it was actually on this past week and I had seen it for a while so it was fun watching it again but you know what. I'm confused here. Because my recollection of the birds when I was a little girl just standard freak out mode just watching that and looking out my window at night expecting this you know this murder of crows to fly through my bedroom window wasn't it filmed in black and white. No not always color thought it was in black and white it was it was color it was psycho that was shot in black and white and the reason shop cycle and black and white is he wanted to use her. She served as blood and I think they had a budgetary issue as well and it looked great in black and white but I think before that a lot of stuff from the fifties you know like to catch a thief and rear window and Vertigo. All that was in color he and done like black and white stuff since like the forties but Yeah no no that was that was a technicolor. Movie and didn't have a soundtrack or didn't have a score is what I found so interesting about the birds. There's doesn't have any music to it and it's funny because you know you you cut music's kind of the glue that holds the film together right. And it's in retrospect. I don't remember it. Not Having a soundtrack I was just so caught up in the entire story at the gas pump. Well like the movie no country for old men. The COEN brothers film from about fifteen years ago. That movie does not. It has a very minimal scoring like two or three parts and I I actually once nominated for best score and somebody thought it was in San Diego. No the choice to not have a score as important as having a score you know. I think the fact that they don't have it the have to use the ambient sound and make the movie work. That way is just as challenging. If not more than putting musical I definitely agree all right. Not that we're keeping score but let's talk a little bit about the love birds on Netflix. The lover had nothing to do with birth. Verster bobbled tag this. This was originally going to come out in April but the virus and everything in the shutdowns had of moving out of the frame instead of pushing it up into later timeframe. Since it's a smaller movie they put it onto Netflix's they sold us as athletes for distribute distribution. So it's out there now. You can go home. You can watch it. It's an hour and a half new movie tonight. If you like your significant other WanNa watch something. It's the story of a couple played by Camille Johnny and Isa Ray and donder verge of breaking up but they go out on for dinner and on the way they get caught up in this big crime spree and they're trying to prove their innocence and track down. The people are really involved. And it's a comedy they're both known for comedy for the most part and you remember that movie about ten years ago called date night with Steve and I do yeah. It's very similar in setup tone to that movie only it's tailored more for these two comedians and it's it's a funny enough movie. I mean it's not great Has SOME JOKES. Don't quite make it But there are some funny moments to it. I'm not quite convinced that CA- on Johnny is a leading man. He's more of a supporting guy in what I've seen them in is array kinda holds them up more than I think She should be for her co-star but overall it's fine. It's fine my wife and I watched it and we had a good time. So as you've alluded to in the past and I love this characterization of one movie you were talking about. It's in a promo running something to the effect of it so bad. It's good some of my favorites. I have to admit I'm with you on that one. All right. Let's see we've got Streaming this week Trip degrees and I said if only wouldn't that be wonderful to go visit and this is a a series of films there. Were been three other films on this stars. The COMEDIANS and British COMEDIANS ROB writing and Steve Coogan and they basically play exaggerated versions of themselves doing a travelogue and going to touring the countryside going to historic sites and eating dinner and and these wonderful restaurants and wonderful food and it's just them trying to one up each other on their Their comedy and joking around with each other dinner in their conversations and getting on each other's nerves because of course they let's just say the enhance their more annoying. Poe Aspects of their personality worse than each other. Yeah Okay. That's the best part you know. It's not really a plot driven movie but more it. It's it's it's it's a spotlight on these two guys who are very comfortable with each other and very funny at times and and This is the third one. They've they did originally to the trip. Which was the series in Britain? And then they did a trip to Italy and then a trip to Spain and now they're trip to Greece And it's beautiful to watch. I mean it's just gorgeous landscapes and historic sites and it's fantastic and and then they're eating. Food is not like restaurant. They're just eating great food and having inane conversation over which which. I love these movies. I think both of them are very funny. Guys let's dance. That sounds like standard vacation fair. Isn't that what we do? You know we go on vacation. We'd see beautiful landscapes we go out to dinner. Eat Good Food. And have inane conversation. Yes it depends on who you're with. It might be more entertaining to see this or have the conversation yourself. No I think you and I can have a very good evening conversation. I think we could we do it every time. I'm in Greeley. We'll go out. We'll record a conversation at a at a at a restaurant. Yeah we could do the trip to Greeley there you go. Hey listen go this morning. I just wanted to circle back to the beginning of our conversation. Because we're talking about the very slow very orchestrated. Very cautious returned to normal. When are we going to see a return to normal in Hollywood? Whatever normal will masquerade? As I think it's going to take longer than people are expecting. I is the one movie to watch tenant. Which is the Christopher Nolan movie? It comes out in July seventeenth..

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