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And so I think that was the beginning of the end for Travis Snider. House Anthony Ghosts. We got yes, too. Yeah, I. Did that wasn't a contention of the. Way, we treat it. We tweeted goes forward I thought. Travis. Yes. Could go to Detroit all was it goes came with laws or I think it. Oh, yeah, oh. Yeah years time. Yes yeah. So. Just to throw some of these other recent because I'm looking at this list. I just happened a stroll upon in the blue. Jays t first round history. Basically recently. Obviously, we have TJ Zoe. Jonathan, Harris Hopson this is. The. Going back. Further no win Marcus Stroman was first round Pick Morris. Tyler? Tech Wire not much love for. Some these guys. was, that one. Yeah? And stay. Opinions, mean He. Came up zero hot. Davis. And why it would never anything. Her blue tape, fans. It almost look John. went to the white saw that same like. Every. A little business. Purely as A. Hick Alex. RJ the. That same area you're talking about as far as guys guys. Going already was Jeff Hoffman Yeah. There's two players. More and it's convenient. They Fail.

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