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Use on the bottom floor. Like there's is there's things in In the West village in New York it is worth keeping your store empty. Rents are so high. Say That you can get a tax incentive if you don't rent it's just there's all these weird laws and shit that are New York is crazy. They're I don't even know what they're just not humane. Yeah there's not humane and that's the I did a thing on the daily show six months ago about how like don't blame Ao. See and Bernie for socialism blamed Jeff bezos. And all those motherfuckers. Because they're making they're giving people no choice if they don't feel like capitalism is say is fair or GonNa take care of him looking at me like I will. What else available socialism? What's the problem problem? But this there's always a jeff visa for that always Walmart Walmart squeezes people. They put people out of business to give them they they. They're like basically lower your margin so low. They saw his fucking everybody. Yeah we pay and the thing would mean when he shirts as we didn't squeeze anybody where ah she's like next time we're doing remain factoring in Asia because they're better and they're cheaper and okay again I can i. It's like okay so we can pay American workers and the and it costs one hundred fifteen bucks or you keep your UK. Luke or I can charge you seventy five and most people keep the price and yes most people keep it one hundred twenty and then they go to Asia and they make eighty dollars a shirt. And it's fucking I watch shark tank and every single person that goes onto the shark tank and refuses to move production to Asia out of being moral. I WANNA make America. I WANNA keep jobs in America. All of them like you're an idiot. We're not adjusting. And you're you don't understand like no one's going in visiting doesn't if you don't move this to Asia and the calculation seems easy until you like. Yeah but oh no. I'm always the present shark tanks. It's the profit margins people have like the margins are like you made how much and you only I mean running the worst because there's so many expenses you can't fucking believe like we grossed two point eight million dollars and we made eighty grand probably like what it's like. Yeah you got a lot of fucking. It's not easy and we don't make it fully easy but I mean nothing's here's your choices hard or you want to work for somebody. Yeah you WanNa do you WANNA do. You can either have a boss notorious fun. Yeah now it's all pick your poison truly pick your fucking poison So Yeah House. There should be affordable housing for renters. Buying I don't fucking know. It seems like if all your neighbors were black all of a sudden in the within two years would you. You would be fine but I moved to Venice. It was I mean. This neighborhood is super super duper odd in that. There's a Bethel Church of block from well. This was originally. Venice was originally block and because it was hard to get a two and most black people. That's why the beach towns in L. A. or mostly were black pals veered as was a thousands of drownings year. Go ahead how funny ways. Because they're not pass Verdi's a Pacific palisades. I can't remember but one whatever it was a vacation spot for like wealthy people in l. a. and then it got took over by white people in July of wild you bile use awhile by another one Haney love the show. The Creator Watchmen Spoken Superhero Movie Culture stating that. These stories are meant for twelve to thirteen year old children and at the cash grab attempts at these movie speak to a self imposed emotional arrest raising re that that reassure man children and I don't Disa poorly written but on a side note how do you feel about cash grab consumerism check our I I don't I you know Same thing I don't. People are not like real smart this just in general so I find ended. Its we were talking about watchmen. How it's I'm to episodes in and if I were watching it with a dumb dumb person I would turn it off because you dumb person dump people don't come? I don't know dumpers dump person come to my house house. Dumb people are people who that we've why are they. WHO's this guy? Wait so is that that sounds a watchman raises that question every single scene. You have to do so much personal calculation. Asian an inference watching watchmen That is as an adult great. An as an intelligent adult. It's it's fairly while you say like put to when to onscreen and let the audience come before. Don't show them for thank you. Where all these these? Yeah I look I I liked the first first ironman and I saw I think I saw the vendors where they all would but I like parties are pitiful dude. Some of them. I remember when I was in college. We all would stay ably. I would watch x files. And then they'd be like we gotTa Watch CIS and I never watched it before then and I watch them like this is law and order for dumb people. It'd be like the bullet hit his head and then they do and then it went through his and the clock. I mean like like I know where the fuck and headed is yeah. It's it's that's kind of reminds me of what he's saying the the capitalism you're gonNA you're GonNa it's you know it's like the P. T. Barnum thing like no one ever went broke underestimating. The intelligent told the American people. I think that's P.T. Barnum yards but now it's the cash grab game like people before I'd say in the nineties. When I first went to Germany there was young teen There were only one hit wonders. The Brady Eighty was filled with junk and Europe has very bad taste in music anyway but I remember thinking to him in America at least we have artists artists that we know and they keep releasing good new music and now. American radio's full of. I don't really listen to radio but it's one hit wonders. Think of last is I mean. Think about who know. I've thought about Trinidad James recently blow in a sexual Trinidad James No I think about these like like the weekend just released his own. What good for you man like people sustaining a career is fucking hard? Eat off the cash grab habits like let's make a hit whether it's what would you do. I don't it's it's a weird thing whereby at musicares here's are so short for the most part Eminem and Jay z are the only ones who have had long commercial hip hop careers and Eminem's M's cause he's white And Jay z because he just position the best beat for the longest. I mean whatever. There's a lot of ships that wipe right but culturally played. He played he played his place and culture was like he just did a million things right but But I don't yeah it's people it's capitalism it's just capitalism Mike. Yeah there's not if you're not making it I just feel like what's go- cash-strapped the reason they make these movies because it's it's existing existing intellectual properties so they can go to their boss and say we have this property that is proven even. If it's just five episodes of comic book you can go to your boss and say I have this proven thing. It mitigates risk it lowers the so it lowers the perceived risk. Ask of that of making that movie for the Corporate Titan Guy goes you know there's a popular comic book by any tells us we're making it backfires a lot but g I joe or somebody made sequels to Jijel like modifier loudly. Enough Guardians of the galaxy was not a very popular. Al Deadpool was shelved like Ryan Reynolds released footage. He did swear we they. Don't they shot a scene or two and then like Fox. Like we're not gonNA make it in them. Raimondo leased it. He leaked it and then it got popular. Yeah and he made his money goodbye. you've got mail how Jay here again J.. So dwayne Wade's and he's still uh-huh yeah. He did spell Dwayne Wade. I don't know I guess. Thinks he's a girl or identifies as a girl and let's sundress like a girl and wears heels. I think he calls halls a son his girl. I'm in no way against the LGBT Dez. Well tell your letter community but I am cautious when it comes to children children speaking on their gender identity. I think it requires more unsurety before decisions that have long term and as of now unknown effects on the body and Mine Duane is supported as some completely apologetically which scrape. But I'm wondering. Are there different ways to handle children gender identity crises while maintaining full support of them. There is an ultimate ultimate acceptance of their behavior and umbrella supported their decisions at such an early age. The only way a my podcast listener watched the youtube videos. Only because Neal's is frightened. My my wife frightening. No you're right. They're not frightening to people and I learned to deal with that Bianca accepts. My fucking is like bike dwayne Wade. Except what is he talking about He's got this guy's the little it's a little jacomb on. You wouldn't ask this question if you weren't if you didn't feel what they call a certain way repealing some type of way Jay on some type of way J I what. How old is like ten? Maybe oh but he's been support with him. I Don t j what are his options are like don't be like no. You're bad man up your fucking man like no. I don't if the kid a I think that where I would certainly be. Cautious would would be gender reassignment and or chemical a gender transitioning that that to me is is a gray area but half shirt on. I don't know The kid in the middle So that's not even a good example. He got something good photo. Will Dwayne got. He gets worse for So it's common knowledge that he ah Yes. Yeah like they they had a great gay pride. thing about it well. Maybe he's gay these escape parent. Maybe he claimed maybe he maybe he identifies the woman. I here's the thing Jay who gives a shit. I just don't want to not that big. It's nothing it's nothing it's not again not like we shouldn't care or be cows about it. It's just really not an issue in your life. If it came to you in the form of Dwayne Wade cool. It's also like what should he they do if he has eighty million. I don't know it's that's about as you know it's like worrying about it's a pretty obscure worry when it doesn't involve you in any way also. It's the type of thing that correcting or whatever you do. I mean there's no it can be a little bit more traumatic matic than what. What would you do like if someone was? We gotta do something. L. It'll get the military. What what are you? You're going to do. Just Guard Coleman but what do you need me to do. What would you like? I talked to a psychiatrist or two and I'd read it up on it and I'd go all right. Let's see what happens. Listen Google what people back in the days when their kid was left handed. Yeah why all fucked up things fucked up allowed to be lefthanded. No my dad was left handed. He had two right right. You had to learn how to write right hand. Did Your Dad have his dyslexia. I don't know well where you beat your kids yes yes no. A lot of uh-huh people become dyslexic when they're forced to yeah. I'm sure it's like. Yeah Anyway good-bye. Here's a short once. You've got mail. Bianca Bianca I was wondering what your first impressions of each well. I was wondering what your first impressions were of each other. Did it take you a while to warm up to each other. Did you instantly click. What's the deal? And how do you feel great loving. The rhymes I don't remember I remember. I'm liking you. I remember just going like she's good looking and And.

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