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And it was it was young man's nice eight football bay rod was everything. So, but I'll be catching up with actually I'm back. I'm not in the keys back in port Richey. I'll be catching up with you today. It's okay. At the event guys are going to be there. So we need to get him. We need to get that boy taken care of. So that's perfect. Good tan. I got some stuff from senior for you for the cooler the event, I got one of Arafat's in the back seat. I gotta wait. I got a full size weight and caddy. Oh nice. Very cool. Okay. And and everything but deficient like, I don't even need to give a report you did it all on. Down there. Casting control for sure. Everybody is on Facebook, get down to the keys, and and do it do it at least one do it. At least once I swear she'll want you'll go every year. You should do it every year every time I roll in there. It just puts a smile on my face. I was thinking about that as I was leaving yesterday morning rolling out of key Largo headed for the contended their contender contenders. Home in homestead. And and I was thinking that same thing. I'm like, you know, what this doesn't get old to me. I love the key. I don't know that I'd want to live there. Right because I may drink too much that could be a problem. But I mean, just in all honesty. I I'm not sure I could my liver would take it. Plus, always cone, your code, exactly. But it's just such a beautiful in neat place. It really is. You know.

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