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You'd probably do the turns maybe do like one turn just so that I can have that turn back to heal back to you'd retire he'll I'd retire he'll. Well. The Russians were eating it up hundreds of Hungarian ex patriots in the crowd were jeering them waving the flag of freedom adopted by the revolutionaries and urging their countrymen with cries, of Hajra Magai. Which means go Hungarians Oh. Wow. A Hungarian person is listening to this and being like, what are you saying? Like actually that means give me your cat quick question. And maybe you don't know the answer to this, and if somebody listening does I would honestly love to know with water polo. Isn't he physical contact sport because there are a lot of that. If there's a penalty box, I guess there must be there must be I feel like it's intense certainly this game was, but you could like Foley drown. Like. It's insane to me that this is. A contact sport. It's wild. Yeah. There's a lot like I said you and I could not hack it. Speak for that's for. Sure. So I am captivated by this water polo match from one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, six in a way I would not have guessed before my research had you told me team Hungary all the way baby I'm like so in I. o I am rooting for this team one, hundred percent. So much is on the line I wanna Hydra mcgeoch shirt literally anytime that Russia can lose. Sorry. For this. So you know, I'm here for it when Hungarian player. Gear Mahdi punches a Russian player on the chicken with a windmill motion while shooting to score the first goal. Wow. When did you one of those kind of things like Oh, you're in my way. Your face was in my follow through my dad. I love it minutes later, the USS are the. Sloth current away is, Hey, is sent to the penalty box for slugging then the Soviet. Union's Boris Marquardt off and Hungary's on boulevard also go at it. It's nuts but the Hungarian score three more goals it's four zero. Wow. Yes. Love it. You love to see it the Hungarian, taunting the Russians about the shutout the Russians according to their plan are becoming increasingly frustrated just like the Hungarians wanted to more, Russians are sent to the penalty box after his slugging Hungarian players. Wow. Things are getting nuts. Five players in total were ordered out of the pool by the free to Hungarians and three Russians. It was like open warfare out of the pool. Just seems like. Such a funny thing to yell but you're wondering what about the blood what of the name of this match? I can kind of put into together. Well, let me tell you though the. Event is wild. There's no. Irvine's the door who I've talked about a couple of times. The team's star player who was like I'm fucking never going home had scored two goals..

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