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Billion dollar emergency aid package aimed at helping Americans impacted by the coronavirus the measure approved by the Senate Wednesday includes provisions offering paid leave benefits for Americans bolstered unemployment benefits and free diagnostic testing for the virus the United States and Canada have agreed to temporarily closed their shared a border to nonessential travel making the announcement on Twitter president trump said the U. S. and Canada are working to stem the spread of the corona virus pandemic but the decision will not affect the flow of trade between the countries he said the move to temporarily halt nonessential traffic across the border is being made by mutual consent Canada relies on the U. S. for seventy five percent of its exports about eighteen percent of American exports go to Canada Greg Clarkston Washington for General Motors confirmed they will temporarily shut down all of their north American factories due to the virus threats the price of oil fell twenty four percent a drop of twenty one dollars per barrel for the first time since two thousand two nearly all the gains on Wall Street since president trump's inauguration have been wiped out with Joe Biden sweeping to victory in Florida Illinois Arizona Tuesday correspondent Jonathan lemaire reports he is the clear favorite to be the nominee there's gonna be mounting pressure Bernie Sanders calls for him to drop out as of Tuesday morning those around party standards such aircraft he was not expected to do that anytime soon the reports there seems to be far less support this time around for senators to go forward personality time of national crisis Democrats so eager to unify behind one eight eight eight five dollars September I think there will be immense pressure on on Sanders to bow.

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