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Was getting closer until about two months ago. And then I saw what I was told for decades that once labor and those guys did their $1 billion improvement that the riots the trashing of downtown otr was done. It shocked many of us two or three months ago when it wasn't done. There was a pretext miles 500 miles away to cause a $1,000,000,000 in investment ago. South I may wait for a year or two until property values cut in half. When they cut in half and the city is functional and the river front's looking good and there's not sitting county fights and the Bangles have committed to stay and the platform over the top before Washington away is done. And a beautiful park is existing there that I would consider it. Tell me when that happens. I don't know When that happens, All I can say is the man of the city Bill Cunningham. About that. Of course, I may run for City Council. Now. Wouldn't that be something? Man Your time up here, man. We're good. We're getting down. Grab hold now, And I'm like no longer qualified to talk about that. I'm young compared to David man. So Jason Williams, thank you for coming on the Bill Cunningham show and thank you. We'll see what happens. You may have to deal with this in six or eight years, but I'll be on a beach somewhere. Thanks Really? But let's continue. I want to get your reaction. Next. Coming up after one o'clock is Joe Donlan from a GMTV about what's happening in Chicago, with riots Scheduled 1 35 today. Brian Tome two o'clock the Governor at your home of the Reds, starting tonight, again on news Radio, 700 wlw. Trading.

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