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Son kind of sort of made a debut last night from what I'm told I didn't get a chance to watch it. I was watching playoff basketball, anything having to do with ARN Anderson. I am in folks aren't Anderson's one of those guys? I just liked him As a kid. I know we just played the ric flair for the music at Ric Flair probably had something to do with it. But anything having to do with ARN Anderson? I just like like, I know he was in the four horsemen which were supposed to be bad guys and heels and all that stuff. And yes, you know what didn't like Tele Blanche in I certainly didn't like Paul Roma. Certainly there were times I hated Ric flair when I was a little kid. Wanted Ric flair to lose everything like Dusty Rhodes. What do I mean? What? I'm shooting fish in a barrel. We just lost. This was the anniversary of us losing him a few years ago just to stay five years ago. Just this day or yesterday, I should say And that's the beauty of having Twitter. Still, man is there's always video. Remembering the greats from yesteryear. Including the great dusty roads. We get to remember him every day because of that. Which will play that theme coming up at one o'clock as we are what to do. But I love ARN Anderson. And you damn well better play my arm at the end of the show or I swear colander. I'm going to drive there and it's going to be a beaten. I'll give you the I will give you a spine buster right there in Central Jersey. Are you ready for that? Um well, better be. I'm not ready for that. Speaking of fights again. I brought this up right before Brian Baldinger joined us. I got tweeted a video. If you're going to have a fight in the stands, high ground winds. I don't condone fights in the stands. I think they're dangerous. I think they're stupid. I think that there's a lot of elderly people might be around you. People can't defend themselves who you could roll in and hurt others because of your momentum falling forward. But If you've got to fight the stands, for whatever reason you better have the high ground. I'm willing to tell you if you're up there in the nosebleeds if you're in the 700 run to the other section Run as high as you can. Then run back over. Come back down and then fight the guy. If you have the low ground, get the high ground and then start your fight. Do not go low ground, which which makes this fight with the Nuggets fan and the jazz fan even more impressive or the Phoenix fan? I beg your pardon, the Sun's fan and the Nuggets fan even more impressive because the Sun's fan has low ground he's in the lower sees in the lower Row. And he still gets the win. Did you see this real quick? Connor, Did you see this? I did not see that. No, I got a pot. I got away. I got to turn that sound down because I don't want anybody say anything. Where you have Denver. You have Denver fan who puts away something in his pocket, and then he's ready to take a swing. Suns fan grabs him by the top. He made a total mistake. He overreached. This is the problem. I'm watching this video. You have a girlfriend in there. See, this is where the fights are getting crazy because I said a couple weeks ago there was a White Sox fight. Two women were fighting a guy got in the middle. They started beating him up. It was like an episode of Jerry Springer. So can are you watching this now? Get on my twitter and watch this right now, Connor. As you see, Shirtless, Basketball Jersey guy or excuse me, bareback Basketball Jersey guy. How do these guys start flights? I've never been in a situation like this. You're in a loud basketball arena. So they reach up Guys behind. Put your stuff away. Then takes a swing. He takes another suite. He got one good one, and you can tell, but he reached too far and when he reaches too far The guy from the low ground. Grabs him by the top of the jersey and then just starts feed them. How many do we see here? Let's see. Two big swings falls over, got in the low ground 12345678 while eight fence, feed some nine shots overall and gave one to his buddy. And then starts yelling sons and four Quality went for the guy in the low ground. Quality win. I can't condone such practices. This guy definitely had his nose broke. I can't condone such practices. The cops are right there. I think this guy might have spent a night in jail by for what? All it looks like. But if you're going to talk about a win quality win and kept his son's jersey pretty fresh, but I can't still condone it because he's going bareback. With the jersey on Now I have to tell you from personal experience of being in an NBA arena from years ago. They're back Jersey. Guys going to start something, man. It's going to be a good start to the night. It's going to be a bad ending into the night. It's going to end dramatically. It's going to end with nasty texts being sent to a girlfriend or perhaps an ex girlfriend. There's definitely going to be some bloodshed. There's going to be problems. If you go out with one of your buddies Now that we're going out and having good times again Hey, listen, I'm I'm getting past it. I'm gonna be 35 this month. I'm I'm too old for that stuff. But from my memories If you go to pick your buddies up, you guys are going out. Somewhere in one of the districts having a good time. Maybe you're in Kansas City. You got a guy in a basketball jersey with a bareback shirt on you send him back into his apartment. You tell them to go put a shirt on underneath or wear something else. Because it is a heat seeking type of thing, Man. There's certain things where You put it on night's gonna end badly. I say one of those old timey cabbie hats that they wear the newsboy hats. Whatever it is, I think somebody's going to draw back and swing at you. You were a basketball jersey with nothing on underneath. You're just showing the guns. Someone's going to test you at some point or your boy is going to get out of order..

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