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In a way that almost felt like they were using logic but would wrote me into the slake ridiculous argument that really had nothing to do project and was all wrapped up in downstairs brain. Reactionary you know thinking at all from either one of us and like I said it just didn't get us anywhere hearten so I just as a disciplined now tribe buried heart to a new reacts to those things take note as to know what it might be telling me about where my kids are and what they might be struggling with but just nodding thanks for sharing same thing my favorite phase now and just not even engaging the facts that any of that is happening. Thanks good advice I like it definite and it re said than done for sure though I mean I won't but it again. It's the image of thick skin. A Turtle Island whatever you have to do to imagine. Just not letting those things uh-huh yeah you really cannot take it personally. You just can't because if you do it will be so disheartening. And that's where I struggle is after a while it hurts me and I feel so sad and so defeated and I know I shouldn't take it personally but it's hard it's hard to have someone saying cruel. Oh things about you and the way you parents are who you are Sir mom and it it does wear me down and I definitely sometimes feel discouraged but overall I think when I can not take things personally I do better. So what about when teens are actually ready to leave home any thoughts about what you recommend Melissa for kids about to leave home I mean I was just thinking about this question myself. We've had kids leaving such different different ways. Most have gone to college but they haven't actually moved away. They've gone to school here. We've had one son go fairly far away from from our perspective across the mountains over to Seattle area for an internship and then my daughter Bernice Visa has now gone to San Diego for Job Corps. There are things that we've done to prepare them to transition out mostly trying to help them learn how to manage finances. That's been important to some of my kids from early as learn how to do their laundry. Three they know how to cook things like that. How about you Melissa? Yeah well I think again because big family and your family was even bigger than ours Our kids ended for themselves autoways laundry food again. Arcades Kim Trust older kids and say they had a lot of life skills just because of survival we the at launched two of our older kids to job corps and.

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