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Alright giants with the all time Coors Field experience last night 12 runs in the opener. Having lots of laughs and then the shocking turn of events and the bag really here to talk about that, and a lot of big picture giant's stuff here as they get ready for a little 12 10 today, Polly 12 10. John Gray for the Rockies. Logan Web for the Giants, Andy Good morning and your bag with the athletic on the Yuma guest. Lynne, How are you? Thanks. Good morning. How are you? We're good. I have thanks to the great John Platz, the Stanford broadcaster. I have the walk off homers for the Giants at Coors Field when they've been on the wrong end. And I'm gonna see what was your first year on the beat Andy 2004, But wait, what the Giants always be on the wrong end of it. Yes, that is correct, Of course, by definition, but September 98 Navy, Perez got robbed Nin in the game that forced the Giants Cubs one game playoff it Wrigley. June of a one Larry Walker got Chad Zerby and then in your era, August Oh, nine. Spill boards off Merkin! Val Dez in the 14th. By the way, kids ask yourself what 1/14 inning is, they don't happen anymore. Right? June 2017 Nolan Aaron Nado completes the cycle off of my Lanson. And then last night, all fond memories, right, Andy? What? Why are you putting people through this? Exactly? What? I'm not sure. Just decide to be a status today. There. You know what Don't therapy Don't Don't forget about the Rockies introduced themselves the year that the Giants want to learn to games and didn't win the division three and go to the plastic. There was no wild card. Guess what the Iraqis did against the Braves. That year, They went like, Oh, and 15 again, so rocks kind of announced themselves to the baseball world by saying Giants. We will never do you any favors whatsoever. I mean, seriously, I actually had it. I mentioned that they got course you know last night to go forward lead into the into the final inning. I can't see ninth inning. It's the seventh inning and lost and I got a couple salty. Rocky stands in my mentions. They were like, Oh, every time its course field, the Giants blame course build more than any other team. Like you should know. You watch staff your games there. I mean, the Giants is a tough place to hang onto a lead. That's that's not. That's not the Giants experience. That's everybody's experience. And obviously, you know, a tough way to end. What otherwise could have been. I mean, did you have a more positive day than giant Sweep? A doubleheader Dodgers get swept in a doubleheader, but you just had to settle for three of the four. I guess you pick up a game on him either way, or at that point, so good by the way, far away, Texans says. Don't forget Last year you could walk off and in a way park Padres did in San Francisco. Off of Sam Kun. Rod. That's right. Mr Grisham got turned the trick. My friend in Philadelphia is texting me. He's pitching Well, he had a five out safe for the Phillies. He goes. Thanks for Coon Rod. I was like, Wow. I didn't see that coming. I read something where he was. He was. He's playing catch with Kinsler or one of the other relievers there and was really getting some good sort of council on on what he needed to do just to stay in the strike zone. And you know what if he's able to find it and turn it around and be able to harness his stuff? Good for him because he throws 101. So, um, but, you know, I think that was a deal where it was just it blew up so bad. That I think a change of scenery was probably in order for everybody. Well, it's a good place to start as any is. That's the bullpen because I imagine you beat guys We're gonna be following how Kapler uses the bullpen how Kapler closes games Now we had my cocoa on two hours ago, and he said, Listen, it's you know, it's the big leagues. Sometimes you take you take it on the chin. You still go with what you got? How you said, however, if you're looking into remote possibilities, you know, the minor leagues have started. You start looking at that. And if you really it really remote Johnny Cueto comes back and you move Logan Web to closer. I don't know. And I'm throwing them all out there. What do you think? Well, I don't know if they move him straight to closer, but I think that they definitely could have something with him as a short reliever, And if they have the pitching depth to be able to do that, That means everybody else is pitching well and healthy, so that if that's an option for them, but I think that that's going to be a pretty good sign that things are going well. But But you're right. You know, Jake McGee is going through a rough patch. I think you know yesterday, even though it was course field, throwing him out there with a four run lead was probably a good you know, then you to try to get him get him on the beam, and that didn't work out. Obviously. And the problem is that you know they didn't have the fallback option they used. You know Rogers already the use Whistler in Game one. They bring in communities of all, which is a tough, tough spot to bring in a kid. He's only got a handful of big league appearances, and obviously he gets a pop up from from CJ Crone. That's got unexpected batting average of 100, but because Stephen Douglas claimed his cleats on the warning track plan, no doubles, which you gotta do. Um, you know, then it falls in and that that's what I mean about getting course you know that that that that's it out nine times out of 10 and probably in 2029 ball parks that authority and then Charlie Black ones. They're really good hitter and activities supposed to do And in the end of the game, So it was e. Don't think Capital made any any mistakes in this bullpen management. I have observations. Criticisms. It was just really weird to have him start out his postgame by saying I thought to all did a great job for us, and I thought, I don't know if you could only say that when the guy gives up the game winning walk off Homer. But I understand why he said it. He's protecting a young player from getting his ego crushed. He's doing what he's supposed to do. He's backing up his players. But, you know, I think that the manager's got to say, Hey, look, it was my choice to put him out there. I thought it was interesting that he threw 12 sliders out of 14 pitches the guy that was 99, but whether he's being told not to throw his fastball, or he doesn't have confidence in it. And either way that that to me tells me he's not the right guy to have out there in that spot, but But that's what happened..

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