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After hurry at all, I think I love the way she built, and like this is a book that I really enjoy reading again because you can see all the little details can build up. Let's move onto the fourth book, the Goblet of fire. I kind of always felt that this book separates kind of the two halves of the series because the first three books, the ones in which will learn about the history and get to know the wizard ring world kind of get introduced to it, and the adventures in these books are kept inside of hogwarts and the later books are darker more serious and in these the later books, the situation keeps getting worse and worse throughout the wizards in world. The fourth book ends with the return of Walmart appoint after which everything changes. How'd you like that part So that pot scared the hell out of me I. I knew there was light of books but I just thought. Like the permanency of Cedric Death. And? Just the the fist time, he has the Cristiano him just all the death eight is scary scene where Pettigrew is sort of re configuring voted out of the colder. It was hard to hard to raid honest end. Often to the try wizard tournament gobble defy was like, I. Love. The saints I missed quidditch but. I thought they needed to change something up and the try was at tournament was co now and It was really good and even throughout the the try was a tournament. I liked it even through the maze and then I feel ever just just upside down when it came to the scenes with Harran vote. I felt like I didn't really feel a little bit cold when I got to the saints especially often because he didn't defaced vote this time he only survived. And It was just it was hard because I was thinking about the next book on my own nine. Next book is going to be grave. You know like even are like. Reading is rating like it. If it's grave I'm. GonNa rate unlike I did honestly feel. Like loss and it was hard actually I. If you ask me at the time, I would said like I didn't enjoy it like at that point is this is just didn't really feel good but looking back on it, that's exactly sort of how you're meant to feel. After the To happen and that even leaked in a little bit to the order of the Phoenix. The first few chapters, fest nine, ten chapters in order the paintings that was a long. I actually felt like really. Right Age, but I felt a lot of Anga because Harry went through so much in Gobert fire, and he was sort of having all these details withheld actually have really felt sort of angry and frustrated as characters like always sorta Ari paying like Harry with just just do something to really like sure people die in him like I was just thinking I dunno, he should do something and governor fife was sort of like..

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