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Mean that i'm going to become a songwriter or what it does mean is if we can access the wisdom reflected this super conscious wisdom reflected by our conscience we will know when the ego is correct we will know census are correct. We will know when the unconscious mind is correct and we will know what the thought is to think. The word is speak and the action is to take that will enable us to fulfill the purpose of our lives without pain without misery without bondage. So the clearly the key let me. Just let me just wrap this together here. The the key is to coordinate these four functions. Because you say they're not wrong but only. The conscience has the power to discriminate determine judge and side every single choice that we have ever made and will ever make as human beings is always made by the conscience. But if we do not coordinate the other functions there loud pushy voices overwhelms reflective capacity that the conscience has to access super conscious wisdom and so in those cases the ego will just give a rubber stamp to the ego senses and unconscious minds limited perspective limit perspective. Sometimes that will work. But it's always a gamble I i love how you that made so much sense to me. And i appreciate your wisdom that and i'm sure if my listeners and viewers as well that makes sense because you know people talk about many things we talked about the gut feeling and you know that's from biology process where we call the enteric brain which is actually a bunch of nerves in your belly and that actually does something so that we can talk about that later but there by many times people like i i know i should have dated as person or no should have made this decision or no shouldn't have done that and so that to me. That's what in a very basically you're that goes back to your you're accessing that conscious or the conscience part of your of your of rabin but you're allowing house and we'll look or this or that or this influence it and so when we make that decision of course you can turn out to be something unhealthy. I was learned. I am learning as i'm always learning. But i'm learning that when you hear that some people still small voice what would that's quietude whatever that is within you that it's if you don't find that stillness you're not gonna hear got experience and so i find that if you give if i'm giving an idea of something if i don't act on it there's to my opinion. There's like a season of grace or Season of energy. That i've been given to do this and so if i don't do it. Then that voice that that wisdom it's quieter and quieter and quieter than pretty soon. It's like everything else. Rods over and not only that james but every single relationship 'em constellation of relationships that you have in that moment if you don't act on that thought that desire that emotion in the appropriate way the entire constellation of relationships that you have at that moment will suffer. Wow makes it makes it so much more. We saying the matrix event using that word makes sense to me. Yes that's that's the responsibility because the universe has chosen me to incubates a specific thought leading to a word in an action that will benefit the whole. Nobody else gets this thought. I'm the only one that can do it. If z bow and that's a specific thought and design. That was given only to you only to me only to my listeners and it goes back to. Yeah you said that's a huge responsibility in. It's that's that's to me that's very sacred and a lot of ways to realize. Wow something greater than myself. So thoughts are powerful resource. And it's important what we coordinate. The functions of the mind so that we don't just follow the limited perspective of the ego senses unconscious mind but rather listen to the conscience and the super conscious wisdom that the conscience has access to so that we will know how to be of service both to myself and to the world. That's very powerful now. That that's very powerful because when you understand that that's where compassionate that's gratitude. That's where all these things line up because you know when you have this responsibility then i want to nurture that you said incubate. That's a great word. Incubate that and then so that would mean that. I'm aware of this. And i'm not going to get caught up in the the nuances and the craziness quote raises of the world around us. Because if. I'm really focused on that than more people do that. Changes the concept of humanity that changed decorates. I will say movement but that it does. It creates changes cultures exchanges minds. It changes how we see each other and the respect that we have. Because if i'm if i have been given this gift you've been given this gift. Everybody's giving us gift. Why would i decorate that. Or why would i minimize that or do something that were consciously or unconsciously to to minimize someone's beauty and gift that they've been given so our ability to stay calm filled with equanimity in the midst of the craziness of life is one of the major benefits of meditation. It teaches to be that clock in the midst of a thunderstorms. Yes yes. I agree with that i. We'll have a couple more minutes here two more minutes. But i do want to say that when the show notes i'm going to put the original interview we had In the show notes so my listeners. If you hear this on the radio just go to. James miller algae dot com. If you watched it or any of the podcasting farms you should be able to see the website and the information here in the show notes and then just click on that link to the show notes here which all you can hear leonard's original issue with me when he talks about the his first book the science of yoga which is fantastic. I mean once again you taught me so much. Unfortunately our time is up on so finally when i find it more for you to purchase this book warmer time. Your conscience The key to unlock your key to unlock limitless wisdom and creativity and solve all of life. Sean just where were they find this information online. Well you can get it at the website. Which is your conscience dot. Org and you can find it at every single fine bookseller nationwide amazon barnes and noble wherever fine books are sold. Wonderful will enter. Thank you so much for being a fantastic as much. You're welcome back anytime. Thank you me so much wisdom. I know you whatever what you've taught me today. Definitely going to meditate on afterwards. 'cause i really believe that's what i needed to hear tonight so thank you so much. My pleasure percussion. I also want to thank you my listeners for tuning in today please subscribe to this radio. Show through whichever portal you. Join me today also. Please go to my website. Were you may sign up for the free. Weekly recap watch. My youtube episodes three the articles. I've written specifically for you and purchase my previous guests self-help products. If you like to work with me be a guest on or advertise on this show visit. James miller life algae dot com. Be sure to follow me on also media platforms under the name. James miller life policy except for twitter. Which is james m life. Algae once again. Thank you so much for your support. And i'll talk to you soon..

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