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Just search for politico Halse check, he should also check the show notes where we linked to stories previous episodes with Commissioner God lead and other items that we reference. During the conversation. And now, let's get to that conversation with Commissioner. Scott Gottlieb Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. Welcome back to politico. Pulse. Check. Thanks for having me. We weren't expecting you back. So soon the secret to cut the line is just to announce it your resigning it worked here. You are one of your colleagues. I was asking around trying to figure out what what to ask you today. One of your colleagues said I should ask if you don't love America anymore. If that's why you're leaving the FDA feel free to weigh in on that sometimes, you know, sometimes a pipe just a pipe. And you know, the reason I'm leaving the reason I gave this got really difficult commuting from Connecticut and being away from my family, basically for two straight years. So my kids on Saturday, but you know, it'd be home late Friday night. And I'd be back in Washington Sunday and mostly working all day Sunday. So two years of that with with three young kids got hard reporters. Like me, my colleague, Sara Carl Smith's are over m-. All others have been. Trying to figure out the reasons behind your departure. Do you understand why that has been such a source of curiosity? I don't understand why has been source of curiosity. You know, obviously, I love this job. And I'm very unhappy leave it I would have liked to have done for longer. And it was a difficult decision in the week after I resigned motionless. It was very difficult. I was thinking whole week. What did I do was this right decision? But you know, I've been in two years, and I worked this job one hundred and fifty percent, I think that that was largely apparent to people on the outside. This was really a twenty four seven job. I I didn't work from home Fridays. I was home late Friday night again, which spent part of Saturday with my kids. Go out my wife, Saturday night and Sunday be back at work two straight years that difficult. I think in retrospect had had I do it over again. I would have moved my family down here at the outset. But I didn't speaking on behalf of journalists. I think one reason it is such a source of curiosity is there. It could be a reason that you're leaving that could be of interest to the American people, for instance, if you push too hard on tobacco, and that was an issue or if the White House had a different vision for the FDA that would seem to be of interest to well on the tobacco. I understand the proximity of when I announced on that Tuesday versus there was reports that I had been at the White House that Friday a briefing on tobacco meeting. But the reality is, you know, there was always going to be something immediately before I resigned and something coming up immediately after I resigned as always things happening here every week. I think with respect to the tobacco issue in particular. I would hope we put that to rest with the announcement made last week where not only did weed Vance a policy that we intended to. But you know, we got strong support the secretary put out a statement. I had a White House fact sheet issued the White House press secretary re tweeted some of the statements Kellyanne Conway over the weekend re tweeted some of these statements with respect to that that announcement you had to chief-of-staff, Mick Mulvaney and had. Domestic policy council. Joe Rogan both affirming that there was going to be steps taken to address a youth the youth addiction to to nicotine in e cigarettes and additional tobacco relation coming. So I think the strong statements and the administration which we would have had regardless. But I would think that's strong. That's strong statement from the administration, in fact that we got that policy out in time for him that we that we intended to would would put those rumors to rest vaping has been a major subject of of your tenure. It has been something you've weighed in on quite a bit. I don't want to spend too much time on it. But the Washington Times a conservative paper has an editorial today Wednesday morning saying that your resignation quote comes at just the right time..

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