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I had to enter briefly the twentieth century and I, it was hard for me. You know reaching for notes to do it, but I did it and I was proud of that when I heard years later. Is your work standing between you in retirement or are is retirement, stay the prospect of retirement standing between you and work, though? Everyone I ask you standing. The tweet, it. I'll say, you know, I like to quit. And nobody wants to you said that when you were twenty. But and I did no one knows me believes that it would be good for me. I don't think I'd get in trouble anymore, but that I. The be unhappy writing watching reruns of the tour to France all the time or something. You know is that the plan toured France, that and track needs just like just. Mm-hmm. Looking there is again, see it again and again, I I like those travel log, feel of Twitter, France, beautiful places there, racer. I don't care so much about. But I like going through France. Ooh, there's a mountain. I like those aero dynamic helmet anywhere. That's great. Yeah, football player should with them. Why not those guys have bigger crack-ups football players do this should wear almost like that too macho to do it rainy Newman. Thank you for taking all this time to be on bowls. I, it was a. Oh. All right. When we're getting the good material. Yeah, the helmet design. I got like eighteen helmet questions that we don't have time. I'm fine. Thank you so much since early. Great, pleasure. Randy Newman. If you live in California, go see him. He is playing the Luther Burbank center in Santa Rosa on August, fourth and the Hollywood bowl on August twelve. I will be there at the Hollywood bowl. I am very excited about it. His latest record is called dark matter. It's out now. Every week before we wrap up an episode of bullseye. We like to bring you a culture tip from me. We call this outshot. The stone itself weighs three hundred and forty tonnes. It's twenty one and a half feet high. And it's gray. Stone colored. It sits atop a trench sort of passageway as you walk toward the rock in the trench you slope gently downwards in the walls rise up on either side of you. You get to the nature of the trench and you're standing right underneath that stone blocks out the sun. It's cool and quiet underneath. You don't see as much as he did when you're on the dusty plane. Of. And you're suddenly aware of the potential born by the stone, it's held in the air above your head by its very edges, and you're underneath trusting the artist who placed there to keep it from falling and crushing you, which is what it obviously wants to do. Three hundred forty tonnes rejoining the earth. The work is called levitated mass and the artists who conceived it is Michael Heiser. He thought it up in nineteen sixty eight and he tried to build it in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine, but the arm of his crane broke when they were trying to put it together. He tabled the idea for a while. Then a few years back found a new rock, even bigger in a quarry in riverside. Money was raised rock moving money, rock installing money, trench-digging money in the end. It took a custom built transporter to haul it late at night who the side streets of southern California. In two thousand twelve was finally installed at Lacrima the Los Angeles County museum. It seems if I'm Frank a little bit less magical when it's swarmed by tourists posing for self, where they pretend that they're holding the rock up in the air with their hand. But if you can catch levitated mass on a quiet afternoon, just takes your breath away..

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