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Formation now tongue with Harris right behind the three. Receivers Blitzer lampy frozen. Touchdown. Play the game. Brought to you by progressive insurance, comparing rates to help you save call or click today and find out how much progressive could save you. I gave it the play of the game. It's only the third Alabama play. But kind of set the tone of mistakes for Alabama here tonight it did. And really it was Clemson out coaching Alabama. They know that Clemson likes to throw that slot receiver. Deep end short. What happened on that play? Was that the corner over the outside receiver was looking inside at the quarterback when he saw the slot receiver running out he left his receiver and jumped in front of that slot receiver. That's what happened to it did not expect the outside quarter to be covering the inside receiver. And that was a problem that they had all games. So Clemson the early seven nothing lead to able to vindicate himself because just a few place layer a sixty two yard touchdown pass to tie the game. It was Travis ATN giving Clemson the lead at fourteen seven on a touchdown. Homerun Alabama look to tie it to on a one yard pass to hail henches. But the point after went off the upright. So clemson's lead was at one eight field goal by Alabama for the sixteen fourteen lead early in the second quarter. And that would be the last time Alabama would lead or score in this game. Here's how Clemson took over Travis E T in one yard touchdown run to go in front twenty one to sixteen after Tunga vilo through his second pick Trayvon trivia Mullen, Trayvon Molin rather with the interception. It was Trevor Lawrence leading Clemson down to the five yard line..

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