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To take him because necessarily right there. I would be perfectly fine staying at number. Two i have. I'd like some of the pieces that they have. I like jason taylor. I like porter. Jr. i like christian would like these are pizzas that i don't believe you should give up on just the the guys you should be looking to get rid of. Nobody's gonna wanna trade that first round pick from like nobody's no he's gonna trade. The number one overall pick for daniel house. John wall erik gordon. No one's going to want to try those guys. If you're dumb a big salary in one of these deals it's going to be christian. Would which. I'm still convinced salary though. Yeah sixteen million where. I'm still convinced. Like i think they're gonna even if they don't take mobile. I think they're gonna trae christian. Would it would make sense. He's at his height right. You better give me a good player or a good asset return. That's the you'd better get. Some sort of big timing draft picks is the main thing you gotta get. You gotta draft. Picks for to the lakers. Kyle kuzma pass. I know that's fine. That's a horrible deal. Don't do that at don't say that of. Why are you throwing that out into the universe. 'cause i could actually see the lakers. Pairing christian would up with anthony davis. I could see them doing that. yeah i. I think christian was a hell of a player. I'm not giving away though right even with the salary. I'm seeing ti. He's he's got to be an asset. Should be big and at this guy's a hell of a player. No yeah i i i think as a player value statement can get it like i keep thinking about it. What are the odds that his value is ever higher than this and again if if he plays similar which is good. It's a great player. I write a year from now if he if he's closer similar to earth similar to last season. Yeah all star type player. Are you comfortable with giving him. Max deal and i don't know if there's a tracker right now still that says i need to give this guy a max deal. I hate to tell you i mean. And you know we've raved about him on this show right. Through all this we've raved about him What we and he's still probably has another level to get to. But in order for me to see take to pay max deal that level. I have to see. I like today. If you're saying shahi willing to pay him a max deal from what you know now if this is if this is the the best you get from him which this is really good. It's not max deal player. Correct i i. It's it's not it's not. it's not quite max deal player. It isn't now if he can get it. God bless him but as far as a franchise and being smart about it. And you know you're gonna have to pay max and let's say this this type of game which is a good game is his ceiling. This is not max players sitting. this is really good. nba be can be an all star type player. But when i say all star type player that's one will. Maybe if he has a great year stay the gets. He'll be an all star. When i say all star type type means sometimes when i say this guy's all star player every year that then i can talk max deal. I don't think he's a match play right now but i'm also not giving him away. That makes sense. Yeah exactly i gotta get something this impactful. Because he was he's got a chance to be really impactful player was in detroit. Maybe he could be part of a man out have a hard time but again like if he's part of a deal that jumps you from two to one if that's what you wanna do like i can get it but i don't think that that'd be the best way to utilize his value in terms of what you could get in return. But i do the i the further along keep going on. Like i think they're gonna end up trading him okay. Let me throw this that you guys you know. We heard somebody mentioned. I think it was rated mentioned. Okay eric gordon and and they said daniel house well. Let's just say they you know. Just don't gordon in there. Okay the to the second pick this year. Another first round. Pick christian would. Eric gordon for the rights draft kate cunningham so one more time. Decide all right. Gordon gordon would Another first round pick over and above this number two the second pick this year to the detroit for the first pick. Yeah it's too much and also the salaries stuff that's why they're not gonna. That's not only. There's no question. I'm just throwing throw whatever player that's too much. Probably detroit with priced one. More draft picks than anything agreed. So let's say okay. Three number ones and christian would be number two a couple of two other number ones and christian would for kate cunningham the right to draft him. Maybe all right now. Let me let me extend this if you do that. How long before we see does a franchise taken an immediate step back or immediate step forward with losing that and kate. Cunningham comes here. I think no matter urgently on the urgent side. I think you can make the argument that it stays in neutral doesn't move back but it doesn't necessarily move forward either because it may be a wash christian what is and what cunningham is going to be as a rookie but three years from now. Basically what i'm saying is you're going to have to have a little patience right. It's still get it. Let's just say they get cunningham. They don't get rid of christian. Would to out different with kevin. Let's just assume maybe it's jay shaun tait that's gone. Still playoff aren't yeah. They can they can. They should contend for an eight seat. I don't think they'll be seed. I think it probably end up. Having a losing record just because they're so young stays that could potentially make the planet's tenth but if if kate cunningham's as advertised average twenty game his rookie year maybe. It may be a quick turnaround than we think correct. Yeah so the question is worse. We'll get you to where you wanna go faster. Give it up a couple of number ones and christian would including second tick for kate cunningham or stay in which you got taken the number two pick and making it. Mobilier jalen green. Whoever it is and saying we're going to run out there we're going to run. We're gonna run green or mobile. We're going to keep christian. Wouldn't go with the dual guys up front and we got a decent bench and kevin porter jr. is going to be part of this and you say okay. What gives us a better chance. Is that the number two pick and a pretty good group of young players that are just there. A couple of years away from maturing and getting themselves to a world of potential or is it kate cunningham and maybe waiting a little bit longer and going about it that like i said what i guess what. We're getting really down to guys. Is kurt roster. With a few adjustments in the number two pick going to get you just as far farther than getting rid of a good player too and some draft picks for kate cunningham. What gets you where you wanna go not.

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