Yano, UK, EU discussed on The Red Couch Podcast with Propaganda and Alma - S01 Episode 06


Hurd politics also is not just american nope is in a national because right now yano is gone all with the brexit right is the brexit makes me laugh first of all the fact that like just the subversive type of humor that the uk has like justice like like podium iq boat face like this the type of stuff the job do justice were oppressive humor yeah that's just anyway so they came up with the term brexit right um and turns out the day trying to do this thing that they call unlike a solve exit like a soft brexit which basically means they like okay so we want to leave the eu but we still wanna be able to use the euro in like want to have to change our currency and nothing because like the euro khanna works and it's funny because the rest of the eu is like up yeah you just broke up with us you don't get to define the terms this part is not really hood i feel like this is anybody although people do this where you breakout with somebody but still want to be able to slide into deums was still to be able to have a bully car which you here and there but i don't want to name did we generally want the official like relationship changed on facebook i wanna like seeing you sometimes has just in case ought to be able to hit you with the hey bk tax if that's gonna listen you uk you can't do that.

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