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More likely it becomes. Well that's what governments do they charge people with crimes they allegedly committed quote unquote crimes with Usually with no victim whatsoever so we can talk about that. Plus last night. I think are might have mentioned this headline but i- apparently you guys didn't get into it. Which was that youtube surprise and shock. They're banning prominent so-called anti vaccine activists and blocking all anti vaccine content. Now of course youtube as a private company so they can do that however that being said the message is being loud given to us loud and clear. We people who have differing opinions are not welcome in on these types of platforms. Because they don't wanna be guilty of quote unquote misinformation however. The idea of misinformation is dangerous. Because when you allow someone to claim what misinformation as you allow for someone else to tell you what's appropriate and inappropriate speech. Yeah no doubt about it and And youtube is a huge platform with. I don't know how many billions or whatever videos that they've got but obviously they're very well established and as you pointed out they can do what they want and you can also do what you want by moving your business somewhere else taking your content to in a more friendly place like for instance odyssey. I know freetalklive is moved to odyssey. I've never tried odyssey myself. I would like to so. Hopefully i can figure out how to do that. Right for our listeners. It may be new to the show. Riley you happen to be a blind person which i actually am blind. And so. it's a different experience for me. Navigating the world than anyone else so he always glad to have you here. You're visiting from your home in utah and you're also the guy that does the free talk live. Daily digests over folks that. Subscribe to our podcast digest. Is that twenty or thirty minute long audio. That comes in every single day almost every day. I think you take like a week off at christmas time. But yeah otherwise. I'm probably gonna take some time off. Because all i'm here on vacation rather than i can take a break and enjoy my time in new hampshire understood. And how like. How does the air feel here like you. Obviously you can't look around and see the mountains or anything like that but you know you. You're obviously in place in utah where there's probably some mountains around right mountainous place. Yep i live in. Saint george utah area. And they're definitely mountains around us. Can you tell there is but is there a different feel in the air. Does it smell different. Does it feel different as the moisture. Different like the moisture is different in those a lot more humid. It smells different. I loved smell the forest. I wish i could take that smell home with me. You don't have that in utah. No i don't. I mean i gotta the mountains and go smell the pine trees but that's about it so you do get some trees in utah. Yeah so many just not some money mostly up the mountains and is it basically like a desert yes. It is a desert. I know utah is going through a drought right now. Which is really out problem here. Yeah you don't have plenty of Plenty of rain here. And it's generally pretty Pretty moist but do you want to say one thing about new hampshire. I really love being here. Because there's a different energy about this place and i know it's going to sound strange but nature has its own energy. Shirts has its own energy and the forest has its own energy is just. I love it here. I love it. I feel. I feel at home here. I feel more grounded. And it's just amazing and then there's the energy of the people Which is also you know different I've never been to utah and bonnie and my girlfriend. She has spent some some years She lived on a military base down there so she has some idea of of Utah but i do know what i hear about it and i always hear you know. Mormons and i always hear unto restrictions on various different liberties and ridiculous rules and things like that from the from the government. There there definitely are ridiculous. I know that the former church or the church of jesus christ latter-day saints does have their lobbyists and they are called home teachers on capitol hill because the lds church used to have this program called home teaching where the precip brothers would go around to check on. They have assigned families that check on and see how they're doing etcetera etcetera and so the home. The lobbyists were given the nickname home teachers. Because they're checking on how legislation is doing and they want to make sure the churches accurately represented in utah. Yeah they want their hands in as deep as they can be into that process. Of course of course is true for the freedom. Lovers here in new hampshire. And that's why we've had thousands of liberty loving activists make the move here as part of either the free state project or just because they wanted to come here you know not everybody's a joiner And and so. It's it's definitely brought a flavor to new hampshire. That i think new hampshire already had a to begin with which is you know independence and leave me alone ism and were the. We're here to basically back those people up against the status. The one of the people want to meddle in your life constantly and boy do they hate us a story about that coming up here. Get the chance. Both i do want to mention one thing about that. When i was in court today was overhearing someone talking about those free stater. They're they're they're here to someone to just to clarify. Was somebody like an audience or someone in the audience. There they were saying that all these people hate the governor is out to get them. Well you know these people coin the self selves government have guns and they're going to threaten you with these guns if you don't do what they tell you you can't possess certain plants. You can't possess certain fungi. And if you park in the wrong spot for a long period of time they're gonna put litter on your vehicle. Yeah well they actually are threatening people on a regular basis and and and so yeah we need more people like that people understand what government actually is which is criminal enterprise. Oh absolutely the biggest criminal. Enterprise on the face of the planet and the united states government is the biggest and we need those people here on. There's so much to talk about here tonight. But what i wanted to point out though was youtube has been banning anti vaccine activists so called and antibac- seen content so they've they've banned Somebody named joseph mcculloch. I've heard the name. But i don't really know much about him. Robert f kennedy junior who in this according to the washington post who quote unquote. Experts say are partially responsible for helping seed the skepticism that's contributed to slowing vaccination rates across the country. And you know who else they banned. Ron paul there ron paul earlier today now. Apparently paul has more than one youtube channel so they have not banned both of them. I know of at least to the one. That they banned was called the ron paul institute and the i found this out because i follow ron paul on social media and he has a either he or whoever's in charge of his account posted this message earlier. Today quote very shocked. That youtube has completely removed. The channel of my ron paul institute no warning no strikes no evidence. The only explanation was quote severe or repeated violations of our community guidelines unquote. He says the channel is rarely use and the appeal that they put in was automatically rejected. That's ridiculous these quote unquote community guidelines. Ridiculous they really. Are anyone even read. What the community guidelines of youtube actually are no only when you get banned or only when you know you get a strike then it says. Oh here's why and it's always some sort of obtuse nebulous statements that never really it never really identifies. What video or went in. That video was the offending portion. And exactly what it was. It was so offensive about it and in this case. They're not even saying anything To ron paul. It's just your and then actually got a an image here of what the notice said from youtube and they cite spam scams or commercially deceptive content are not allowed on youtube. So what was he damning thing. Don't say they don't. They don't identify what video was that had the offensive content. Or which if it was more than one or whatever so you get nothing on which to go on. And that's it's obvious they don't want him to come back because they didn't give him a strike and normally with youtube like our channel for instance has received multiple strikes over time and and we usually. We'll take a break from being on youtube and we'll let.

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