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Car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch, which was awesome. Donlevatar? The alley has a bad reputation in general does Ron American history. But on south beach, someone's always that just sitting somewhere smoking a cigarette. You can't go down and Allie around here. Nazi someone's sitting there smoking retains a pulsating Keat from the night before you walked by some liquid like is that water. Yeah. Last night. That's definitely not water the liquid always avoid the liquids in an alley. Stugatz. I venture guests that if you were to rake your tongue on the asphalt of an alley you die mmediately. I don't think it would be immediately. I you'd contract very quickly right before death several sexual diseases. And then you these live at our show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. We will get to the funniest thing. What's coming into the ESPN inbox there from trucks, Allah Toro who feeds everyone at this network with things to be talked about a whole bleep. Trucks. All Tohru is saying that Todd mcshay is saying the pats rain in the AFC is over. Oh nice. Oh, I feel warm all over. It's all over all took. Why is it all over? Does. He tell us who stopping it. Okay. Let me see here. I've got read some more. But just know that the headline is mcshea colon pats rain in the AFC is over. That's not a qualifier. That's more of a fact sated as more of a fact than greedy Williams or David football gentleman. So that's it. I'll apparently it's video now. So it's not a story. It's mcshea video that is being shared so Mike. I'm gonna send you we'll do funny thing from the sports weekend. But let's circle back around. I'm gonna send you this salad to veto you get the sound. And then we will play mcshea announcing to everyone that the pats rain in the AFC is over. Now, it's it's a somewhat long video. But one of the things he said is the declined for Brady has started just worn Todd that Dan said that about a decade ago, and since then he's won like three MVP's three more Super Bowls Super Bowl MVP's, Dan Senator decade ago when he's had a second hall of fame career. Normally Brady too. But this is yet another day. It was you your knowing the agile. Grantable? We'll confuses why the islanders. For me. I just like to hang little bit throw it a lot. But how about those things do see see? Joe you leave it on these news. The segment was a little fourth pizzas. Did the NBA? Indeed, go, I I haven't looked actually I don't know whether five to four not did it. Indeed, go the very predictable one two three four one two three four on the advancements. I believe so. Yeah. So we're sitting there not talking about hockey, and we are talking about the most predictable results. You can get. Smashing the ball round the puck and Bishop man. The place his time. On that good things happen. You have kids you have little surfer. On the underprivileged rollerblading team. That is if you're not a million that is hockey guy surfer hockey guy far away from the mic. I believe it to be the worst character in the history of this show. And it takes off. But it's all you have is and Chaka bribe. It's all it's in the arsenal of that character, which reminds me. Playing goalie for the ass, ROY. Roy retired. Either way, it's real hang ten shocking. I love that's God's job because it's not pronounced Patrick, Roy. You were. I asked for ROY. It's God's olive behind me with Patrick Roy. Which isn't as bane. Funniest thing from the sports weekend. Pay people. What sport menu laugh hardness he's weekend? This would go. What made you laugh this weekend? Roy that segment that you've been waiting for all your life to show your knowledge showed everyone why you lost your title as black guy who knows the most about hockey anywhere in America..

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