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Twenty eight degrees. Mostly cloudy in Boston. Rain is moving in today. Good morning. I'm Deb Lawler. And here's what's happening. We began on the north shore where Wenham family rest easy after days of searching leads to the rescue of a twenty three year old woman who had been missing since a weekend. WBZ's? Chris tells us at Charlestown man facing charges of kidnapping and the disappearance of Olivia Ambrose, the mother of Libya Ambrose says she's relieved that her daughter is strong liber- returned to her family's home last night here in Wenham deep down her family knew she'd always return you never gave on your sister. Your daughter your love when and the people of Boston never gave up either. Boston. Police Commissioner Willie gross who's brave men and women also refuse to give up. They found Ambrose yesterday in Charleston and took her alleged abductor into custody victim pain. You will be arraigned today. Well, he doesn't officially have a criminal record pain is known to both Boston and transit police as he was twice accused and question for acting inappropriately towards women on the T back in two thousand nine and five years earlier had an assault charge dropped after he completed pretrial probation in Wenham. Chris. WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. Eight thirty one two different votes are sad. In the Republican controlled Senate tomorrow with the aim at ending the partial government shutdown. Both measures are expected to fall short of the sixty votes needed to pass. Meanwhile, thousands of federal workers are with about to miss their second paycheck. ABC's Mary Bruce has one of their stories in Tennessee, John Manley, air, traffic controller and father of seven is driving for Uber on his days off. It doesn't come anywhere close to offsetting the the salary that we're missing FBI agents are also looking for other work agents. Worn the shutdown is making us less safe that they are unable to do undercover work without the funds to buy drugs or firearms from gang members. And that they are putting Purves on standby which puts children in jeopardy. One agent. Saying the fear is our enemies know, they can run freely. The FBI has lost several informants at the center of terrorism investigations. There are signs as morning that President Trump may have had enough. Off of personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani Giuliani's recent media blitz defending the president on the Russia probe featuring wild misstatements clarifications eyebrow. Raising assertions has reportedly left a president frustrated White House officials and others close to the president raised the possibility that Giuliani may be temporarily sidelined from TV interviews shifting gears now. So it's a and the Rams gearing up for Super Bowl fifty three. And not sure if you heard, but that means a New Orleans Saints will not be marching into Atlanta..

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