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So they had twenty one people and the last man standing or the last person standing happens to be Lori Lightfoot, so Edberg tried to really trip up in her first council meeting, and with this whole battle about pronoun news is, though, as the kids, they Laurie clapback and heart to just came in may. So she came out saying, I don't care to these people just elected the this man. That's their problem. This at by thirty as me as mayor. This man needs to step down. And this is something this isn't done like wait a minute. They always get along and work together against the people that voted for him. That's what they do. And so for her to come out boat until Ed, you cats go. I don't wanna be because he's a democrat. But I'm Kevin like right now, I'm not her. She's like all these backroom deals making deals hiring coz, that's got to stop. And I'm I'm trusting that she's going to live up to what he's promising. She has at this point. I have no reason not to believe it for her to come out so strong. I don't know of Edberg is gonna run away and, and actually resigned, that would be interesting. But I like consul wars. I, I don't like it when we have a king city hall in ninety eight percent of the people will go ahead and vote to, to put in a parking meters, Texas, a fees on the good people in Chicago. So bring if on Lori Lightfoot I was an rd Naga ration- sat through the speech when they start applauding killing babies, I left because I was just too much darkness for me this that we don't agree on that. But again, that was a very strong statement. She made yesterday. So this time Mark Miller ways, he's not going to give us a list of what to do. Just find it online. But you have a question, Mark. A lot of listeners are listening to man on the street segment. Five thirty one hopefully we'd be next week. But my question for the panel here. And if you guys want to reintroduce yourselves real quick, but is worry Lightfoot can be the savior for people like us business owners, cutting taxes, better schools, less crime, fixing the pension, tell us what Lori Lightfoot going to do for us. By dumping one. Yeah. No. Just this Monroe Anderson talking and for the record, I was mayor Sawyer's press Necker. Terry. Laurie life for is going to do is kill corruption. I think in Chicago, but she has a lot of challenges. Yeah, there's a lot and the Pinson problem that the, the mayor Daley, mayor Daley. They did was bought the peace labor unions, by giving them big pinson's instead of giving them the money if they were trying to get. That's how they bought the peace with them. These people are now baby boomers who are retiring, and they have that money coming they paid into it has to be paid. But moving forward, we should be going into a 4._0._1._K for the new hires because it's unsustainable. We know that's fine. So I haven't heard anything about lowering taxes and making this morph audible city to live, what Democrats. We're not testing. How to saying she's getting things, but per speeches and her stop to never made those promises to make this, a city that people can afford to live in again, is still a Tele two cities, very subsidized and the very rich. So that's what I'm saying. So I wanna know as Mark. Admits it's rich, but it's not a lot of subsidize Republican myth. Okay. Based upon Mark as we introduce yourself out. I'm Anthony Clark specification high school teacher, nonprofit director and candidate for seven congressional district. Thank you. Mark taylor. So what I will say no matter what side John, independent Republican democrat. I, I would like to say that I feel like as people we need to move out of the thought process. Narrative of one person is going to save us or one policy or legislation is to save us. This is a marathon, not a sprint. So if there's any issue that you champion any issue, they believe in, yes, you vote for the individuals that you think is going to push that. And yes, you vote for the policy legislation, but don't work is not done. Our work is never done. We have to be to the ground, and we have to hold our leaders accountable reason Illinois, get into the position that was in, because even as a democrat, I can say, democratic leadership, that has never been held accountable for their actions is. What she's saying? She's outside the fifty that had been doing this. We've got twelve of them have been doing this time, and they're sitting there watching her, we know how to jail progress. A lot of. We'll get. But optimistic. I'm not part of our team optimistic because I think she's not afraid to rock the boat. Okay. Break up. Some of those was she style politics that Gymboree introduce yourself and say, what do you think of Laurie her? First two weeks. We're not judging her on the first two weeks necessarily. But what she said our platform. What he's promised. Is this a solution to what the issues we Cocco, Jim Allen minister business consultant? I didn't vote Laurie life it. But from what I'm seeing from what I'm saying, I'm, I'm liking what I'm saying. And yeah, I voted for prankul one win one war. I could've Wonderwall. Hey. But nevertheless, moving forward, right? I like what I'm saying. And, and it sounds like to meet she wants to drain the swamp for. That.

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