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You hear the name yeah yeah you know it just to see Mick Jagger jump around eighty or whatever that he is I mean how old is he is he is he probably as well I mean they're hanging around no really I'm I'm serious I think he's like eighty on it's a it's amazing is when well Musburger look most burgers at one of the youngest eighty year old guys you'll ever see and so I listen to him when he's called the raider games and does a game with Lincoln Kennedy just to see hello all right let's see shore Brent's mind and he's still on top in Anne's recall idea this came in I can multi grounder mandate is that he's got that voice in his voice is still as good as ever in the hands of great stuff there and we're fortunate to have him and linking Kennedy call those games here in the Vegas valley next year looking forward to that all right any other insurance things that have gone on in the last you know several months that maybe something that you want to get out there for the listeners because we always talk about renter's insurance it was another one when I specially when I was in my twenties had no clue and I do remember that it wasn't something that was an outside job but somebody had actually come all come to the house that was a friend of like in a queens of somebody and I had two other roommates and that person ended up ripping us off of a lot of sports memorabilia I came back yeah we were fortunate we are able to get it back because we found out who did it and then there are times when you have stuff in your house and you leave you come back in your stubs gun or I just saw the other day somebody you saw the big fire in that little six since six unit apartment complex and smoke coming out somebody was cooking freak in math and the whole thing caught on fire everybody was told they had to leave they all had to get out of there and that fire burned like nothing all the same you come home you're like if you're in especially if you're in a condo an apartment building you don't have control of what other people are doing next thing you know you come back and all your stuff gone tell people real quick renter's insurance not only gone but what if you can't live there for thirty days because the repairing water.

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