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Come back out and perform for another thirty to sixty minutes. This is where the the crowd would common. They would dance and they would meet future spouses and have a good time and then go out for a bite to eat before. Going home There was a a radio show at the time called the children's hour and a a young teenager. Kitty kallen want contest there. She later went on to great fame with the jimmy. Dorsey band And had a very long and prosperous Singing career but she got her start singing with gil fitch in his band. Spas games and gil would pick her up and drop her off after the dances because she was underage he was a teenager so there would be dancing and then afterwards they would go out players. Go out for a bite to eat now at the time basketball. Didn't have four quarters into halves It could be to have. It could be three quarters There wasn't a sort of codified way of the way the games were played. How many quarters. How many periods. I haven't a half a little disjointed for a while. But they would play and the other interesting fact about a home games for the spas. Was that the public address announcer and the person who handled the publicity was a young guy named dave sink. Cough and dave zinc cough was a philadelphia native. His father ran a delicatessen. He went to temple university and his parents wanted him to become a doctor or lawyer or an accountant. And he didn't really want to. He wanted to pursue a career in basketball in sports broadcasting and he announced some games at temple he Went down to new orleans for the first sugar bowl in the mid nineteen thirties. He did some boxing and basketball matches on on campus of temple and was always a lifelong friend of eddies and he got his start doing publicity He would do the halftime promotions and the halftime shows in the announcements but he also published a four page program called the spas sparks and the first couple pages would always preview the the players or the teams or the upcoming game. It was like a program four page program. And you know there was always sort of raffle number. You could win a suit but the last page was the gossip call and in it. He would give sort of a little bit of a. Rundown of so-and-so got married so and so had a kid so and so just came back from a trip to the catskills so and so just graduated college. It was really sort of a gossip. Column four philadelphia jewish community and these programs were wildly popular. And the hope was that you would come to a game. Go to a dance. Win the suit in meet your spouse and it became a really important way for a younger generation to assimilate in a sort of a threatening environment and become very Comfortable and become more american by doing so well and it seems like you know i referenced. Robert peterson served not by name. Now but now we'll now cages to jump shots book. Their say on has a great quote in here by By shaky shaky shaky you said shaky offer those name And we couldn't go anywhere in philadelphia without being recognized. It was a very nice feeling. We were very well loved. Even william penn's statue on top of city hall used to bow to us when we came by he. I suspect these the team and these. I'm sure it was a highlight of the of the social circle..

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