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All of sports memorabilia, longtime partner, the show, if you haven't checked it out, let them know the fancy footballers since you. All right. We moved on. Yep, bills. Well. Wow, I, I will say this of the three teams we have left cover. I have a little bit of love to share one of them and it's prized is is the president must sale. Oh, you declare cliff cell is not the Bill. Here's, here's the thing. Now, I guess I've been pretty supportive of the bills on this show compared to you guys in the last few months you have this cloud now hanging over Shawn McCoy. We don't expect it to affect this season. We don't know. We really don't know. Don't know. There hasn't been any news, but let's put it this way. Shawn McCoy was going to be the one volume failed bright spot of this team or at least in Jason's case, you know, like somewhat bright spot, so nice them like a dim volume. You doesn't disagree with the volume? No, I don't. I mean, he, this was a rushing team six in the league last year because of tyrod Taylor and the Shawn McCoy combining for what they did negative point differential non lot of weapons right now. Kelvin Benjamin can never stay healthy. And even if he is healthy is the best number one option for Jamie, Karen, Josh, Allen. If Zeh Jones healthy, no one was worse at catching the ball when he was targeted. Then Jones last year, it was appalling Charles clay. We've seen what Charles clears. I like Charles clay, but like Charles clay. Like, you know. For what he is. He's not going to become something new this year, right? He is a middle of the road productive, not fantasy. Impressive titan. Yeah, I think that's a perfect way to say is not fantasy impressive, but he is a fantasy usable tight end, you know, in the right this past season. Yeah, Charles clay, yeah, on this show was Mr. necessary. Well, sure. For a reason because they hate they needed a pass catching weapon and that very well may continue the season. They will need pass, catching weapons this year. They've also lost three starters on the offensive line cordy. Glenn Richie incognito retired, Eric would is gone and to echo that pro football focus has projected them the Twenty-nine best offensive line in football despite finishing last year as the seventh best heels, those losses are huge. A lot of time. We hear from bills fan saying, no, this guy's in the wings. They prepared reminds me so much of what we heard last year when the daddy lost a big chunk of their line. Like, no, they were prepped guys. We're in the wings. I trust pro football focuses offense of line gradings. They look at each player that is slotted in and the depth and all of that and players aren't very, I'm not saying that that that that they feel worse players emerge, and then they become stars. They don't start that way all the time. That being said, there's a fantasy show. Look, I feel like the bills. Currently, the situation in buffalo is your resting on the fact he made the playoffs. Congratulations. You had a nice year, but normally those teams don't ship off their starting quarterback. So you don't have your starting quarterback. You don't have your offensive line. You don't have pass catching weapons that are viable. You play in division with the patriots it. This is like Kelvin. Benjamin is value. Ask, where's the actual Silverline? Where's the value? There's always in the silver lining with Kelvin, Benjamin right now in PR leaks. He's being drafted as the forty eighth wide receiver out the board now, could he finishes the forty? Eight hundred six, absolutely. He's, you know, he's slow and plotting, but he's a big body guy. And when you get near that end zone, you don't have a lot of options there. I really do think the Kelvin Benjamin. I mean, you look at who is going around Calvin Ridley Nelson Lor you know, Mike Williams, Kenny stills, and you've got a guy there in Kelvin Benjamin, he's at least the number one on study. Number one on his team, the bills are going to score points there, an NFL team. So Kelvin Benjamin is a guy that whenever I am he ends up on a lot of my Roth, I can never do it and get them so late and I'm, I'm grabbing, you know, you don't get it plane. The tight end spot. That would be really nice..

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