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We have moved onto your ravin coffee stout here, which is delicious, rich coffee in that and what we heard. This does not get along boyle. Is that correct? That is correct now. Joe Twenty four hour! Hour, Boyle okay, did you say eight or was that just one one just one? Okay, all right insure. What's the longest? You boil a beer three hours? Okay? which beer is that? Any barrel base years? Okay, Gotcha. Okay, that's that's still a relic qualifies. School, Swansea Texas boil for three hours didn't go into barrels, but yeah. Okay I'm looking forward to drink it. Is Up next after this off air while we on break, we had a little conversation about along boils, and that's a Ryan admission to a cease not sold on the magic of. Twenty four hour boils in that that he believes yeah. Produce the same thing without all that crazy. Boil time right. I think so yeah, and like I said could be wrong on that I don't have any definitive way to prove my side of the argument, but okay I think. Using more Melanie welden heavy malts, and adding more like you know darker caramelized sugars into the kettle. You know you can get those same effects. That's what I've found from observation anyway and trying stuff. As long as they're delicious. We enjoy the long boil. We liked the novelty of it if you say low oil, that's our hype keyword. We've been classically conditioned pauvres logs, beer, nerds, breath rights. You say long boil stout. You say krispy boy were there. We hear a cattle boiling. We start drooling at sending that really were that got us. Yeah, but you know speaking of You Know Delicious Beers and styles and things. You might boil it what you want to say that. But I'm trying to get over to Rev. which is what we're drinking now? This coffee style. It is a coffee stout. What can you tell us about that? Will it is so. The REV is a local coffee roaster that we get a particular blend of beans that we selected from them specifically for this beer, so we brew a milk stout face, so it's got lactose in it to. Keep more residual body in the finished product. And we put a crap load of coffee beans into it and just a soup saw of Vanilla Kinda. Give it a little more rounded edge. To what was that thing finale? You put in there. Oh, a a soup saw the French. It just means like like a tiny amount. Of something. We're GONNA EDUCATE PETITE PINCI cheapoo. Brian. Georgia term for ask Brian Brian for some reason I started saying these kinds of things. I have no idea where I get him from both sides. Local coffee in this I I'M GONNA have to ask as I am really obsessed with coffee. What's variety of beans? Are you using? Its Colombian I WANNA say I. WanNa say it's Colombian is a Colombian blend. geeks like Brian don't get excited about Colombian. I love a really good Colombian coffee, a colegislate coffee coffee you know when we were selecting roasts for this beer, the one that we chose we didn't really like particular well. It was good, but it wasn't as good as a lot of the other options. We had as a coffee, but when we put it in beer in this beer. Jer tasted the best, so you know it's interesting because you're not using the Caulfield by itself so. So you gotta think about it, and you know and like the flavor interactions and synergies in terms of the ear. You're putting it into its support the Malt. Yeah, I scan the text in the bottle. It's actually Colombian and Java and C. Full City Roast that means the dark roast, which full I'm not a huge fan of dark roast coffees drinking, but in beer I think that is probably a good way to go with some Veron's of beans, so you approve of that. I like this beer I've had it before I knew I, liked it it just I was curious about. What went into it? I didn't realize it was a milk coffee stout, so the coffee good stuff. We want to talk a little bit about the CICERO own program because I saw your actually in advance Cicero is that correct I am now, so the first question. Is it CICERO her sister Rony. Surroun-. That's okay I thought so now. I know that folks like to poke fun at it and say CICERO. It, it's. Internet me. People like to poke on. Do Your Non Beer Geek friends poke fun at you for your Cicero and certification. Because my non friends, either they just don't even know what it is, so if it ever comes up kind of goes over their head. Okay, you're. Or like you know they Kinda 'cause like Kinda the Go-to ways like. Oh, it's like a Somali for beer and you know like then they'll kind of be like Oh that's neat. Shirt doesn't really go much farther than that most of the time. They probably focus on. This guy makes good beer. Be Quiet about whatever he's involved. He makes good beers. You know I am a assistant on CBS. You know the first entry level the certified. And I've heard that going from a CBS to a certified CICERO. Is Pretty tricky that it's. It's a big jump up from there, so the curve is police. The I would say all the way up of all levels. Okay, that was going to be my question so going from certified to advance. How tricky was that pretty tough? It took me three three attempts to finally get advanced than the and Man Masters really tough so I've taken the master exempt twice and actually signed. Signed up for my third attempt third time is the charm right? You'RE GONNA do it hopefully. I. Hope so too I'm curious any insight as to what it is about it. That's what makes it so challenging because I just a plea I've never taken any of these certifications. I'm not a big test taker. I'm just never been into that. I just give me some beer. I'm good. It's just so comprehensive. Master you know. And I mean, there's only there's only nine thousand nine people in the world. Who passed it as of you know now and the exam is two days long. Days Long Yeah today's new there from like it starts like eight or eight thirty in the finishes at like six each day. There's eight tasting panels. There's like I. WanNa say eight oral examinations that you've got gotTa do where you go into a room with somebody and it's it's. It's like you'll. You'll be one on one with some industry luminaries like Randy Mosier and high your Daniels.

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