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Long road may work. Let's see you got to do some Ritchie Valens means I could give you can't There's nothing in this world like a big eyed girl. Make me act so funny. Make me spend my money like a long necked goose. Now why is it the first thing that I look up for Richie balance? It's the Alabama soundtrack, and it's almost Lobos because they had bigger hips song. The media. It's true, all the Ritchie Valens songs. They're coming up our Los Lobos know what I like. The Big bopper was a big round white guy. Yeah. Hey, it seems I seem to remember seeing the video is a film of him wearing like a white cut CEO while he was doing this there we got Ritchie Valens. Here we go, Okay? The Big Bopper have any other hits? No, maybe the big boppers wedding. Listen. Maybe. Los Lobos is better. That's right. You got this song whose parents let them date because he was Mexican. They didn't want her hanging out with She left me e think I heard these songs a lot. When I was growing up, my parents would play them. What's that thing is live in concert at a qualm, a junior high school. Summertime blues. Let me fast forward again. No doubt you gotta work late that night. He write.

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