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Thanks to Squarespace for the continued support of this show and all of relay of them. So I'm glad we ended the show on a happy note because now we got to argue with each other in the show will be over. And I'll let you decide if that means just this episode of the whole run. So we should talk F one. And so let me very briefly briefly recap the season. So if you're not an F one fan, there's been two real contenders all season long. The up and coming fellow Max Verstappen. And the young Lions. The young one. And the comparatively older statesman, even though he's not an old man by any stretch, Louis Hamilton. And Lewis assert Lewis Hamilton, I'm sorry. That's right. I would like to just clear something up for people that are not aware. Louis received his knighthood. He was already united. People think that he's now solo is Hampton. He's been solo as Hamilton for a year. They just didn't have the presentation. He received the whole presentation from Prince Charles, that kind of thing. So he was already solo as hellmann. But he fair enough. He doesn't go by like he doesn't insist. Some people insist that you call them sub, but he has been served for you. Fair enough. Okay, so sir Louis Hamilton. And the two of them throughout the season have been going back and forth. And both of them have had good luck. They've had bad luck, both of them. I would just for, again, I'm oversimplifying here, but both of them have been the recipient of some good calls from the stewards, which you could alternatively call the referees, if you will. There's been a whole bunch of drama. They've both been kind of mean to each other. They've both been kind of nice to each other, although not that much. Not really. It was mostly relatively nice to max and max has kind of been a jerk. Well, what else is max's received some like some PR training that has made better interviews? But I think my feeling overall is that he has been quite aggressive, I don't agree with his drive and sense. I think I can agree with that. And so going into the very last race of the year, they by some stroke of luck maybe genius if you're cynical. They were tied in points. And so you earn points for place you finish a race and they were absolutely to a half point tide. And so the last race was for all the marbles, right? And what I haven't said to Mike, because I wanted to say it on the show. Is that for the entire year? I've been pulling for max. Because I really just like the idea of somebody not having one, what is it? This would have been the 5th consecutive trophy for Lewis, sir Lewis, is that right? I think I'll consecutive yeah, but it would have been his 8th overall. It was the greatest of all time. Right. Which he already is, but this would have just been that last little mark that he would make. Sure. And I think he already is, but nevertheless, it is. He's the most decorated. So one way or another. So I was really pulling for max just because I thought it would be fun to have somebody else win. But over the last month or so, not that I was ever in love with Max Verstappen. BLA wasn't. But I've really fallen even deeper out of love and borderline hate with Max Verstappen. Such a jerk. He's just seems like such a jerk. And so I have to confess that, although I didn't feel strongly about who would win the final race, I was kind of home for Louis to win. Which I think would surprise you. I think you would surprise you just a little bit, because all Europe have been very staunchly. But I was actually kind of home for Louis to win. And so the race max had pole position. Is that right? I believe, so he was going to start in the front. The beginning of the race, it ended up that sir Lewis had a phenomenal start and got in first place right away. And then there was a little bit of a kerfuffle wherein depending on how you interpret it, Lewis was forced or perhaps chose to kind of go straight through a corner, so instead of turning, he went off the track went straight. And there was a little bit of arguments to whether or not that's kind of cheating. And so in F one, what you could do is you could be told or compelled to give up your place. So even though Lewis remained in first place, because he kind of went straight through a turn, he could have been compelled to give up his first place. He would have to slow down and let max pass him. And that did not happen. And I'm not really here to litigate one way or the other, perhaps Mike is. I have been super early in the race. I didn't see the final race. I was on a plane. I'm very happy actually that I didn't see the final race. I'm pleased that I did not see it because I think it would be more angry. But my feeling is like, yeah, maybe that went a bit weird, but for it being lap one, that was a resolvable situation for max. It is possible. That wasn't the end of the race. And I'm completely biased towards Lewis, but you know, max likes to push people off the track so much that maybe it's every now and then it was not too bad if somebody gets an advantage out of it. Yeah, I can understand that. I actually personally felt like Louis should have given up that place, but I could make a compelling argument that I'm wrong. Like I could make a compelling argument that it was perfectly fine as it was decided. But anyway, that was lap one as per Kate in the chat. And the rest of the race was fine. It was not terribly remarkable in my eyes, but it was fine. But a few I was like lap 54 or something that toward the end toward the end. It ended up that Nicholas Latifi had a noobs and spun out and hit the wall. And so now there was a situation where they absolutely had to bring out the safety car or an American would call to pace car. They had to bring out the safety car for some number of laps so they could clean up the debris and the wall on the edge of the track, and so on and so forth. And I'm trying to keep this brief because we don't have 17 hours to talk about it. But suffice to say there were several different options that the race control that the stewards could choose in order to complete the race. Like they could leave. It was like three or four laps left or something like that. And they could leave the safety car out for the remainder of the race, which at that point, Louis was in the lead, so Louis would finish the lead. He would be world champion, et cetera, et cetera. They could red flag the race, which I'll explain why that is important here in a moment, but they could red flag the race. Everyone gets a chance to stop, make a few changes, then bring the race back out once it's all cleared and you race for a couple of really race for a couple of laps and that's that..

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