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Hey guys it's your lady gang jack van a cult tonight and bucket tobin thank you so much for subscribing on i tunes and thanks for supporting the great sponsors make it possible for us to have this much fun with you every single week for for rude so for almost twenty years honest t the maker of the nation's top selling organic bottled teasing and organic kids juice drinks has been committed to being transparent an authentic just like the lady gang through its organic and fair trade certified products honesty values authenticity which is why they are our partners they producer refreshingly honest product that also tastes delicious if you have not had a lemonade iced tea yet that's mixed together like arnold palmer style it is so delicious were joining honesty and celebrating the lighthearted ways that were less than perfect through the hashtag refreshingly honest project and here i go the selfie i post on instagram is usually the tenth one i've taken if it's the temple and that's a good day because normally it's like the sixtieth but we all do that right are you refreshingly honest show the fun and funny ways your lessthanperfect on social media with our tag refreshingly honest more honesty learn more by visiting honest t dot com slash podcast honesty refreshingly honest will welcome to the leading city waving things are about to change around here each week we judge of with hollywood's hottest girl posse guilty night leka told tobin jack vanik and welcome to the lady gang i'm vic tobin actress and lager and podcasts are obviously so famous across from me as kelty night entertainment journalists and my right is jack panic of the jack vanik clothing line that everybody knows and loves yellow she paid me extra this week because i do but you should start paying need to get better in troas.

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