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Exit vote. I'm Michael Toscano. The United States is refusing to do what China Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Ethiopia, the Caymans Mongolia, Mexico and others are doing rounding fleets of Boeing's new seven thirty seven max, eight jetliners two of which have now crashed in similar fashion. The FAA says Boeing is making changes to the max eight which should be completed by April. And so far US airlines are not allow owing fearful passengers to cancel flights on those jets without penalty. Meanwhile, at the latest crash site in Ethiopia where one hundred fifty seven people died Sunday correspondent David McKenzie is monitoring the investigation. I spoke to investigators. Yeah. A short time ago. They said that they felt that the pain might have come at a very vertical angle into the ground because of how deep that crater is in this hillside. The United States insists it has no plans to intervene militarily in the worsening political crisis over who is the president of Venezuela. Even a secretary of state, Mike Pompeo was pulling the last US diplomats out of our embassy there. Correspondent Paula Newton is in Caracas Elliot Abrams. Who is a US Representative for the Trump administration on this has been saying for weeks. Now, people have to be patient, and that when we say all options are on the table. We don't mean military intervention. Venezuela is still struggling to get the power back on after a four day electricity. Blackout in London. The house of Commons is debating and will vote on a new Brexit plan. Brought home by Prime Minister Theresa may following meetings with European Union leaders, the Arken Obelia reports the PM believes she now has what's needed several weeks. Now, the prime minister has been trying to pursue such legally binding.

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