Barack Obama, Obama Administration, Paul Manafort discussed on The Tai Lopez Show


Mastermind so so i'm just going to let a few of you in at a low price and it's already filling up quickly so if you want to get in i'll let a few of you in so go to tie lopez dot com slash bitcoin podcast all one word by lopez dot com slash bitcoin podcast if the course disclosed when you get to the page put in your name in the waiting list you missed out on the first round uh and if you see it welcome to the group glad you didn't procrastinate okay back to the show let's say so he said you guys in the comments can't have a civil debate i think i'm missing some huge thing going on here of probably good i stiff when will the mueller probe ed oh never they're never gonna let that thing so we we now know the you know the mueller muller probe was initiated so that uh we could find all this awful collusion with russia the donald trump undertook now they never defined what collusions we just know there was awful nefarious collusion and don't trump said you know i think that barack obama was spying on my campaign last year everyone said he was crazy we now know that the obama administration was spying on his campaign chairman paul manafort we also know because of leaked fbi texts that during a meeting with the with andy mccabe ahead of the fbi we know that lean aging at the fbi said we we need an insurance policy trump probably won't win but we need an insurance policy in case he does win during a very high level meeting so it seems to me like the fix was in from the beginning they wanted to set this guy up make it very hard for him died to win were to govern that's.

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