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Something. It doesn't Hope or does it take the scar off of our hearts that we still have from my dad not being here. Adam Coid, The White police officer who shot Hill as he was walking out of a garage with cell phone in his hand, has been fired and has pleaded not guilty to murder and reckless homicide charges. The commission formed to observe the 1/100 anniversary of the Tulsa Race massacre. Announced today that Oklahoma Republican governor Kevin Stitt has been removed from his seat on that panel. The commission did not give a reason for Stitch removal project manager Phil Armstrong's criticism of the governor for signing a bill in the law barring the teacher of certain race and racism concepts in Oklahoma public schools. I'm Tim McGuire, AP News Panic Buying Still a problem? I'm Tim McGuire with an AP News MINUTE colonial pipeline reportedly paid $5 million in Bitcoin to the Hacking group holding his computer system hostage last weekend. The company is back in operation. But gasoline and other fuels remain short, especially from the Carolinas in the Maryland in the mid Atlantic region of the East Coast. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm says the shortages have been fed by panic buying should not panic. Really, The gasoline is coming and This hoarding issue. If you take more than what you need, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. In terms of the shortages as you can imagine. WalMart says it won't require vaccinated shoppers or workers to wear a mask in U. S stores unless state or local law say otherwise. Customers will be held to an honor system. The company's offering workers $75 for proof of vaccination. Walmarts decision could lead other chains to follow suit. I'm Tim McGuire AP News I'm to Maguire Sort of politician Jule Greenberg is expected to plead guilty in federal court to paying an underage girl to have sex with him and other men is also expected to cooperate with the investigation of North Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gates as investigators look into whether he and Greenberg paid underage girls or offered them gifts in exchange for sex. Gates has strongly denied the allegations. A new terrorism alert warns violent extremists may try to take advantage of the easing of pandemic restrictions to carry out attacks. The Department of Homeland Security did not mention any specific threats across the nation. There are differing reactions to the new CDC, mass guidance. Several states say they're falling in line with the guidance either now or in coming weeks, including Oregon and Governor Kate Brown Oregonians who are fully vaccinated no longer need to wear masks or social distance. In most public spaces. Other states along with cities and some big businesses are holding off and made questions about whether the mass guidance is safe or workable. Given that there is no easy way to be sure who is fully vaccinated and who is not just like Companies and businesses air digesting this, So are we. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki says it will take time to implement the guidance. Those staffers there have been told if they are vaccinated. There's no need for masks. President Biden stepped outside the West Wing without one and when asked if he's enjoying his first massless Day, simply said soccer mahogany Washington The family of Andre Hill, a black man who was shot and killed by a white police officer in December in Columbus, Ohio. Receive a $10 million settlement from the city. And this from ws y x W T. T e his brother Alvin Williams. Every soldier doesn't make it do.

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