Leonard Maltin, Phil, Niklas discussed on The Canon - 108 The Driver (w/ Edgar Wright)


And i think you know at least one of those films where i am maybe all i knew about it initially is ice the poor through leonard maltin says movie guide when i was a kid and denied seen selling the driver in its gets like a solid three stars and says like united eyepopping koch isis said eminent crops if on tv lime watching that an ice probably the thing is to i will to heal phil i so i guess maybe eighteen forty eight hours before that but it's one of those movies that i just find incredibly hypnotic it so spare and so tight and so deceptively simple in a way that very few people cut a pull off i think in this day and age is becoming more and more tricky for people to make something that's like that simple and that kind of streamlined in the writing and the action and so it's to me is either perfect let nineteen minute moving and i have this theory about a am the is hugely influential as well like influential to james cameron you can solve viewers the driver in the terminator back to bat he can literally see the same locations influential to michael man whose of career release of kickstarted just off towards the hills and you know seat it's eci was funny when when when niklas referenced the obvious person quentin tarantino is always said the drivers one of the coolest films ever made eventual to me.

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