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It this is a one on Friday I'm still trying to find out if it is possible for one county supervisor to just say you know what I got the county health administrator Wilma Wooten with us let's just go out and will scare people that say it's really nothing we're just being prepared and there's really nothing that was done in that and it's in this on the show early yesterday nothing that fluttering company laid out there that really change anything no one has died thank god from the virus the cold cold with nineteen formally the corona virus but once the county declares emergency then the required under law to hold public hearings every thirty days to was discontinued so this is all about Nathan Fletcher Gonzalez main personal spouse of Loretta Gonzales Fletcher the the guardian of all things jobs with AB five and other monstrosities to get into the news cycle and I know for a fact that even at least one parent of a high ranking a local official was spooked by the by the thing on Friday like do we not go outside now we can be like Wuhan so much of his chest the media optics grandstanding yeah it's amazing at eight seems to work sometimes but just know what's up with that what I don't know what I'm still trying to get an answer on this is if we can any county supervisor just say okay I'm gonna I'm gonna declared emergency in the go out say it's not really that bad yet but I'm just so just in case were monitoring things like we assume we're doing anyway right what a lot of things are posted on Facebook ad mark Larson media including SpaceX announcing that the other gonna be announcing launching humans into space the first time in a couple of months here and that's significant also in things that fly the the whole a service animal thing video a story of someone who managed to bring a service horse I'm on a flight in first class which is good news for my service draft so read all about even check those out on Facebook of mark Larson media and posted some other things including the back and forth between Obama and trouble for the economy today on Twitter at mark Larson radio all on al gore's give her death because he took the initiative to eight the information super highway before he started scaring people that's where it all started right I'm a hold a press conference tell you wrong no pulp fiction politicians use it all the time and Al Gore has a big fat carbon footprint just Sam and other stuff Donald Trump the president of the United States you may have heard the name name rings a bell he's on the tarmac at joint base Andrews today which is not for this is right no certain people go I'm going over to get the cannabis man wears joint it's not that kind of this is about the various joint branches of the service used to be Air Force no joint airforce may was airforce base Andrews Air Force base yeah now it's joint base did adverse and here's the president just free wheeling out a lot of things we played some earlier there's so much here and again this with the media asking him all kinds of questions the same media who says he never answers questions so here's the answer questions let's listen in.

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Supervisor discussed on Mark Larson

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