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Strength is not going to get you the ball down the field. These, you know, plays that take a lot of develop. He's gonna be have something quick. His have his read right away, eh? So you got to get this defense kind of back on the hills a little bit and not let them kind of Off. Well, The other thing, too is and we'll see who's gonna play obviously today, but it looks like DeBose gonna play Mostert Jeff Wilson Jr. You know, we're nice, You know, McKinnon's and nice player, but he's not in every damn back the type of guys that we've seen over the last few weeks. It's gonna make a big difference. In the last time we saw the Rams. Debo was going crazy, and they were stretching the defense and they were going sideline to sideline and Jimmy was in there, and kiddo was in. There was a different story, but to get these guys back into possibly with Debo threatened on the perimeter. That's huge news for the 40 Niners, no matter who's a quarterback. And you know, we've talked a lot about the depth in the Niner backfield, But I think this year there's been a true separation. I mean, I think we're seeing it in the yards per carry stats. Tevin Coleman 2.4 yards per carry. Now he's not gonna play today. But Jermichael hasty when he got in there this year. 3.8 yards per carry Cherokee McKinnon 3.8 yards per carry these air, not great numbers, but then you get to the next tier of the Niner running back room. And that's Jeff Wilson. And he's going for 43 a carry, then you gotta moster, and he's going for five wanna carry And I just think that, you know, you know, we we think of it as a committee of backs, and it is but man, the unique skills of Raheem Mostert. It's pretty clear guys what that most of it is a special talent, and he's got that speed to get to the edge. Dennis, you kind of talked about forcing the defense to kind of defend the width of the field. And that's what most of does and everything opens up in the middle of the field. When you've got a guy with speed to get to the edge and take it to the house and on every snap. Yeah, And you know, then that's what the 40 Niners have had been missing since Rahim's gone. I mean, they had a little bit with the jet sweeps with when Debo, but there was no one else. It seems like it could attack. The perimeter of defense is And that's the key. I mean, if you if you could get a defensive lineman running sidelines, the sidelines that's what we hate because first of all it gets is tired. Second of all that's gonna open up cutback lanes on Ben. You can. Then you can't penetrate. I mean, that's a defensive lineman. You want to get up the field. That's what you're taught to do. Get up the field and cause havoc in the backfield. React in the backfield. So if you got defensive lineman running sideline the sidelines I mean, in the fourth quarter, it pays dividends. And that's what Raheem Mostert did It made, you know, linebackers defensive ends and that Interior D Line kind of run sidelines assigned light. Yeah, and look most in the beginning of the year. We forgot about it. But what he did, obviously last year in the playoffs against the Packers, that type of speed he brings it just the defense just doesn't have the time to react and again. It's nothing. I like hasty. I think he's got a future in this league. I like McKinnon is a third down back, especially back, which is what they brought him in for Brit, Raheem Mostert, if you can stay healthy Is a top 10 running back in this league. He just he threatens defense is you gotta watch out for him. And now the sudden you got him going between the tackles with Debo potentially going out wide, and it changes everything for the 40 Niners and makes Nick Molins job a lot easier. Everybody.

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