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1128 To the WTO traffic center and Rita Kessler Right now if you're traveling to the bay bridge you're gonna like what you see east about 50 no reported problems all the way from the beltway crossing both the severn river bridge and the bay bridge the westbound span of the bridge is running two way traffic so three lanes east bound two lanes westbound getting across the bridge University boulevard near piney branch road had been the scene of a wreck southbound branch avenue between moores road and Kurdish drive the left lane blocked with the work and north Bantu ten near Palmer in Livingston It is the right lane blocked with the cones and you're definitely seeing a backup Now on the beltway the inner loop service road for route one in college park Keep an eye out on the right side for the crash It was a vehicle off the road into the Woods and police were behind it It may be enough to cause a distraction but right now possibly no lanes blocked there in that service road Northbound Baltimore Washington Parkway has the volume out of green belt headed past powder mill road with the lanes available to you In the districts outbound D.C. two 95 heavy from burrows past these capital street Northbound slows passing Pennsylvania avenue inbound suitland Parkway heavy headed toward the light at first Sterling piney Brown showed near Van Buren street northwest had been the scene of a crash involving an overturned vehicle In Maryland southbound 95 before 32 it is now the two right lanes blocked with the crash delays coming from one 75 while in Virginia eastbound Georgetown pike after Lee mill road a tree came down in the roadways of the east bound lanes blocked colors are turning around at the scene but it seems to be self turning around watch for any redirection once authorities get there Southbound 95 in Virginia delays out of Springfield headed past the fairfax county Parkway the work in the right lane Then delays crossing the occupant and from two 34 in dumfries often on making your way into triangle then the volume in Stafford trying to make your way past courthouse road the earlier crash southbound after 6 ten garrisonville road had been on the right side It looks like that 1 may have cleared Westbound Prince William Parkway near telegraph road you'd been under police direction for the wreck Ashley's Memorial Day mattress sale has been extended You still have a few more days to save big on top name brands like Tempur pedic and save up to $1000 on certa and beauty rest adjustable sets I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic And at a storm team four meteorologist Mike stifford The cold front that brought all the storms and flooding rain to the region yesterday afternoon evening That's well to our south And.

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