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Coming up. Tax raw hang up on patex. He tried to smoke in here. Like that paved takes you're not gonna sneak in here on us. We know what you're up to. We smelled you a mile away the bazo challenges nothing. We smelled pave Texas soon he called in. I I want to go back to this whole you letting Joe have let's talk about clown. Right. That's fine. Seven one three five seven two four sixteen. I do I do want to I want to bring up something that we talked about the other night when you weren't here. And I brought up would you trade seven cloudy for Patrick Peterson and a pick. No. Well, it depends on how good the Pickus. Well, we were we were thinking Joe came up with the thirty third picks. So you get another second round pick. You get Patrick Peterson. I said no I needed. I need a first round pick with. But they're not going to give you the number one overall pick for Patrick Peterson engineering Peterson's old man Peterson's old he is but his days are behind him. Like if we're looking at the trajectory of the Houston Texans franchise, and we're looking at like on a bell curve winner. The peak years for the Houston Texans because I believe the peak year. Doesn't come until twenty twenty for the Houston. Texans about twenty twenty to about twenty twenty two twenty twenty three is when the Texans Samir gonna have the biggest opening of their windows looking at next year schedule and with all the holes the Texans currently have. I'm not sure that window that I thought was going to open in two thousand nineteen really opens until two thousand twenty like the offensive line is concerned. The corners are concerned you need things to help this team out. So I'm looking at twenty twenty and if you're talking about Patrick Peterson. What is Patrick Peterson gonna look like in twenty twenty twenty twenty one? So that's why wouldn't do that trade. No. And I think that's the conclusion we eventually came to it. And that's essentially where Joe got his idea for the two first round picks and a second round pick. But whatever I'm just throwing that out there. You know, an idea I came up with the other night. I'll turn your mic on you. Gotta let us go. I I'm not going to be able to let it go. We have we have we have thirty minutes left. And I'm going to get a lot to talk about you gotta live with. Okay, fine. I'll let it go. Brandon wants to talk about cloudy, Brandon. What's your stance on cloudy, keep them or let them go aloft brain see a no brainer. I know Brandon stance on Brandon. It's to let him go. Oh, but here are a few things coming on the text line about jadeveon clowney. He lacks IQ real. I q not football IQ makes Vince young Looksmart. So basically all of our textures are saying JV on cloudy is dummy then he's not wrong. I do to one Vince young is not a smart guy JV uncloudy smarter than Vince young to make a stance on that cloudy smarter than anybody. Get some credit for I believe JV on cloud. He's a very smart guy. Now, I know that he might not be the most articulate he might come off as like, the, you know, this Harvard grad JV on cloudy is a smart guy and wherever you listen to him talk to the media. That's what proves he is smart because he sends his messages across he knows how to get his message is out there early in the season about the injuries in the preseason. What are you talking about? I wasn't hurt later in the season when he was talking about specific players after the season when he was talking about his contract clowney knows how to play the game clowney has some street smarts, in my opinion. Yeah. I mean, we we talked about this during the exit interviews whenever he gave his. Interview to the media. I was there in the scrum. And he kept saying things like all I know is I'm going to go off in the off season. And I'm going to be better next year than I ever have been for the Texans or anybody else I'm going to be a better player. I'm going to work until I become a better player and use literally saying everything that he needed to say for any team that wants wants him to play for them. He was saying all the right things. I think he's an incredibly smart guy. I think he can be an incredibly smart player. I just think he takes too many dumb risks. And and I I don't know. I I still don't know that I would try that. I would fully want to trade him away. I really do think I'd be okay with paying a number one money just to keep him around you want clowney back if they pay him the richest defensive contract, you're okay. With that. I'm fine with it. I want him back. I want him back somewhere, you know, less money than Aaron Donald and less money than Khalil Mack. Got coming up next. We're gonna read the best of these Basil's challenges if you have some seven one three five seven two four six ten also we'll look at this weekend's games and look ahead to the two thousand nineteen Houston. Tex. Schedule and also get to that. Dan, Quinn thing that I believe Bill O'Brien to do..

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