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Have no up front fees Kirby score at six one two two hundred twelve hundred start packing Chris leaned all the listings to cities Katie okay as many analysts to seventy we got it right hi Lisa Brady fox news that's what America's top diplomat is saying a defense of the president's decision to take out Iran's top general unsecured helper is live on Capitol Hill the secretary of state Mike Pompeii dismissed any notion the Iranian general targeted in a U. S. airstrike in Iraq last week was working on behalf of a diplomatic mission we know that wasn't true we not only know the history we know in that moment that was not true Tom Hey says it was the right decision to take out Iranian general Qassem Soleimani telling reporters selling money is responsible for recent attacks targeting Americans in Iraq congressional leaders are getting briefed on the air strike this afternoon a house committee is also considering a war powers resolution designed the block military action in Iran Lisa thanks charity in the Iran a deadly stampede during the latest massive funeral procession for solo money Iranian state TV reporting more than fifty people killed dozens more injured the latest earthquake to hit Porto Rico is deadly fox's Evan brown has this live in Lisa this morning's magnitude six point four quake in Puerto Rico as the territory's governor declaring a state of emergency and there is at least one person killed the quakes have been going on all week and they may not be over usually the aftershocks are smaller but that's not always the case there can there is the potential for a larger aftershock John Geiger with the U. S. Geological Survey there are reports of heavy damage in many towns power blackouts and the rock formation in Punta Ventana a big tourist spot in southern Porter Rico has been destroyed Lisa thanks seven and we're just getting word that the husband of a Connecticut mother of five who went missing last name is now under arrest on murder charges voters do Los had previously been charged with tampering with evidence two other arrest also being reported including the husband's girlfriend America is listening to fox news reliable dependable there's two you got it your top local stories are on Twin Cities news talk dot com Minnesota news network I'm J. W. **** was secret police officer remains in critical but stable condition after being shot my head Monday night thirty two year old Eric Manson and three other officers responding to a call of a suspicious man holding a flashlight in the backyard of a residence the suspect thirty seven year old Tyler Jude Noske of was CE que shot twice by police and is being treated for non life threatening injuries will seek a police chief penny void this is the worst nightmare alone for some agency can face and we're living it right now it's unclear at this time why do not ski was in the backyard of the home he did however have an active warrant on drug related charges a prior lake Maine is pleading guilty to criminal behavior homicide in a may twenty eighteen crash that left his girlfriend at the cook county prosecutors say the twenty one year old was high speeding and checked his cell phone when he lost control and hit a barrier wall on interstate thirty five in Burnsville the nineteen year old passenger was trapped in a vehicle died at the scene latest numbers on death caused by fire in Minnesota are in twenty nineteen and fortunately we did see a slight up tick in fire death you say fire marshal Jim Smith says forty two people in all died from fires last year and at least seven of them in smoking related incidents that keep popping up and that is me is push out the message making sure that people are cognizant what are they doing with their smoking materials because these are preventable fires Smith says one positive longer term trend shell fire related fatalities decreasing in Minnesota down sixty three percent since the.

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