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Winning asylum immigration court is even harder now for women fleeing domestic abuse since torney general jeff sessions ruled last week that most shouldn't qualify wnyc's beth fertig caught up with one immigrant and her lawyer who are rethinking their case naomi claims she was fleeing a violent boyfriend and honduras five years ago when she came to the us seeking asylum here in new york the twentythreeyearold feels free her lawyer translates in los otros because here women like me who have suffered through these horrific things we feel like we have wings here that we are able to fly with our wings to work and do as we wish naomi asked us not to use her real name because she's afraid of what she left behind the man she says beat her and also burned her young son with hot oil but attorney general jeff sessions recently ruled that women who come from countries where governments won't protect them from private acts of violence are not a persecuted group and that means they don't qualify for asylum and immigration court the courts are controlled by the department of justice and sessions overturned a precedent set during the obama administration cannot get an answer to put up becoming denies to get on the las islas naomi says they're taking away hope and stripping abused women of their wings immigration lawyers are now left to think of new ways to defend their clients naomi's lawyer michelle martinez works at central american legal assistance she says one argument could be that naomi was politically persecuted because honduran police never responded to complaints about her boyfriend naomi has expressed how she denounced him attempted to report her partner to the police and how he was enraged when he learned about the attempted to file a complaint against him and how she believes that as a woman she should not have to live beside a man and conform to these societal expectations and android that a woman have to stand by her man and be succumbed to these abuses no matter what but martinez cautious she says it's still too early to know what strategies shall pursue naomi's court data rods in january beth fertig wnyc news support for npr comes from member stations and from the new york times it takes facts to fully understand the issue shaping the us and the world new york times journalists are committed to exploring stories from every angle and atlassian provider of collaboration software for organizations of all sizes through products like jira software confluence trello and stride teams can plan track and communicate more at atlassian.

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