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But what i loved is after they pulled came out they go to porsches house i knew right to who is built four porsche wasn't invited but she got to host the after party so good and i also love so they're talk they're telling porsche what happened and we're just as you know you don't mention somebody's kid period you're injured son or and your holdout or lynch one very anxious signed a whole daughter you need to stay away from her it's so amazing it sure does this moment of like you could see sri being like is she cannot popov but they just like move on oh my god she's making a very like poorly timed joe did kim laugh i just this awkward like uh that is crazy so funny but of course that's just the beginning of this episode because we have a trip yes to sam fran my home i mean not my hometown of from san jose but the the day interesting trip for the atlanta ladies i forget what was the reason they were going there should raise life coach jack daniels told her to go on a trip for herself chose san francisco mmhmm interesting and liked when kenny was like this is a money city it was like the most candy thus say look at that look at that beautiful students this is a mining city whose we're expense of the live here so they arrive in san francisco and first of all i love it a ruined comments how cold it is right he gives people never know this san francisco's very cold you guys windy yeah it's windy and foggy and then we're on this bus and people are talking about like much sex you have like was last time you had sex and then we find out cher ray has a boyfriend.

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