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To eat up minutes and not hurt you. Which is what you want at the end of your roster. Now he's also a guy who's kind of emerging partly because of those numbers i referenced earlier Emerging as the late first round guy if the warriors really like they might be able to get him in the early second if they could i think he i think he's a guy that should consider. Do you have a sense that the warriors are entering this with specific names. They're hoping that falls to them at at specific possessions or is it kind of a wait and see fluid approach. Let's see what trades are available at. See who's there to see. Who's there later. I don't think that you especially in the in the second round. I don't. I don't think you can approach it with the mindset of like we need to fill this need because you it's not fair to ask any second round player to come in and immediately so neat now that being said the words did do that with eric. Paschal last year they. They signed him immediately to a three year guarantee deal. Which in retrospect was brilliant because they signed because they were able to lock them up for three years at the absolute cheapest salary possible and and he's a guy who at worst going forward is going to be helpful rotation blair But i think that's rare that you can have that confidence in and someone that you would take at forty one. I also think that that was also a product of just where they were at with rosser even before the injuries last year that second unit was not super impressive during the season. I mean there are so many question marks. so hopefully they're their second. Unit is stronger than that entering next season once once they get through this second pick in the draft man and it wasn't because they were piling up winds by on the back of the second unit right and in terms of the second the second pick in terms of Positional need You know. I've talked to bob and i've talked to joe about this and basically what they said is they. Especially when you're drafting that early. They really do believe you. You need to drop the bass player available but this draft so fluid in there. There's such a small difference between the talent level of these top guys that you need to find ways that to differentiate you know guys on your board and i think that one way to do that is to favor guys who fill up positionally which is why which is why.

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