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The fan let's go to mike and rockaway real quick might here on the fan hey what's going on good show as usual father's day i turned it about an hour ago tony and i got so much to say i'll condense it my dad would have been ninety passed away two years ago i know i mentioned the two years ago he spent fifty two years grand union supermarket manager from me and dad was in three bowling leagues i went on golf outings with him with you know sponsors from supermarkets i'm not gonna mention names and you know i read the book the mom got the dad joe dimaggio that's not a big reader i read the book and we're talking that tells me the story he was at rockville centre joe dimaggio came off the train he was going through the sandlot and working out with some kids and he's getting off the train he's down the street he drapes his arm over a sixteen year old kid and it was my father carmen yeah a lot of people call them carmine and you know it was just one of many moments he was even a marshall county at the black horse of bethpage us open i think it was a weight first time i saw tiger of close and i mentioned the tiger i said the dad after i tiger i'm gonna see if i can get a discounted hotdog from my father over there he's he's working as a marshal but i also mentioned johnny years ago duke snider came into my dad score in rockville centre and gave him an autographed picture of the nineteen fifty five brooklyn dodgers nice yeah i'm still looking for that picture and when you mentioned your grandmother years ago rest assault dad was like that to brooklyn dodger fan mess dan and there's no way he was going to go to the bronx no way you're right and i couldn't understand it back then what's wrong you live in harlem i'm not going gotta african rod cock eric you're on the fan hey tony how are you you doing i just want to wish you and everyone out to add to call right thank you let's see this is the thing was lebron a lot of people seem to think he's going to head to the.

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