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Insurance. I'm Monica rixon, New York, parts of Northern California under evacuation orders this morning as severe storms pummel parts of the state. Heavy rain has breached levees and shut down major highways. KO VR TV reporter Ashley sharp is in Sacramento county. We're seeing, I mean, several feet of water at a time. And what should be a field looks like a Lake. The water goes as far as the eye can see. And it's very deep. It appears that the water is trying to move out to the Sacramento river, but that's going to take some time because the land is already so saturated. At least one person died trying to drive through the high waters. Violence is escalating in Ukraine's capital now where the military spent the night fighting off Russian drone attacks. CBS Christopher Cruise has details. Keith mayor vitali Klitschko said 22 drones that air defense forces said were Iranian made and headed for the city had been destroyed. He said three others aimed at the outlying key region and 15 over neighboring provinces were also shot down. Some areas of the capital are now experiencing power outages. New year, new Congress, but the GOP seems to be divided on its leadership. Here's CBS Christina ruffini. With Republicans set to take over the house January 3rd, there is already uncertainty about who will lead them. Minority leader Kevin McCarthy has been the presumed FrontRunner, but some within the GOP are seeking alternatives. President Biden's also deciding whether or not he'll run for a second term. He's been vacationing with his family in the U.S. Virgin Islands, but plans to hit the road this week to talk about how the economy is benefiting from his work with Democrats and Republicans. He'll be in Kentucky for a rare appearance with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell Wednesday. We know former president Trump's running in 2024, but some members of the House want him to face criminal charges. Illinois Republican Adam kinzinger was on CNN. If a president can incite

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