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Like. Let me tell you what I see here right now. Ladies and gentlemen, I see hand to hand combat politically and every one of these congressional districts and every one of these gubernatorial races in every one of these Senate races. And if you turned out and voted, and you got other people to vote, I couldn't be prouder of you. 'cause you've made a difference. I don't know what's going to happen in Florida. The reason I'm so focused on Florida right now is we have big numbers coming in. And it's going back and forth back and forth between the Santa's and Gillam it's going back and forth and back and forth between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson. Sixty five percent of the vote in. Forty nine point six the Santa's forty nine point two Gillam. Fifty point one. Rick Scott, forty nine point nine Bill Nelson. Bill Nelson has thirteen thousand vote lead over Bill Nelson. That is Rick Scott is a thirteen thousand vote lead over Bill Nelson. Rhonda Santa's has a. Thirty six thousand vote lead over Andrew Gillon. Now, we're still waiting for you know, the democrat counties to finish seventy five percent of Miami data's in. That's miami. Fifty percent of Broward. That's always interesting. Thirty seven percent of Palm Beach. So I don't know how much the panhandle is in. It's not all in. But you gotta wonder if there's enough there to counter these metropolitan areas, so descendants has a half a point lead over Gillam. And Rick Scott is a point two percent lead over. Overbill nelson. But what's interesting is the Democrats are not taking as many house seats as they thought. They would as best as I can tell out of Florida, and they're not taking many as they thought out of Virginia. In fact, I'm not getting any numbers yet from Texas. We're not getting any numbers yet from zuri. It's not like I'm kinda ball here in anything significant enough to tell you about Tennessee fourth. But I do think mister producer. We should go back to Indiana. And see what's cooking in Indiana. Given the can you pull it up? My my system froze still thirty five percent. What the hell's going on in Indiana? Okay. Where are we? Yeah. All right Braun has fifty six point four. Donnelly has thirty nine point six only thirty six percent in. So you got to wonder how much is done in Indianapolis still. But I'd rather be in Brown shoes. Right. So he's leading. Day. Brad still has a day Brad mentioning because he's he's he's one of us still has a slight lead in his race. And the Democrats thought they would take it, and they haven't at least not yet. So we're not getting a lot of big numbers in in a lot of other states. I would tell us a whole lot. So far, the Democrats still early picked up two seats in the house of representatives two seats. Now, they're going to pick up more than that. But you can limit. How many seats they're going to pick up? Okay. You can limit. How many seats they're going to pick up because we have a lot of big states out there that have not voted. Let's go over which ones right now. Arkansas at eight thirty you're done in about three minutes, but nine PM very very important. Arizona. Wyoming, colorado. Big race in New Mexico. Louisiana nebraska. Minnesota. Big Senate race, Wisconsin number of big races. New york. You got a you got a ton of races air, particularly in the house that are very important and the rest of South Dakota, the western half ten pm Nevada. Utah Montana, very important Iowa most of North Dakota. And then of course, between eleven pm and one AME of California. Those is at eleven PM you have Hawaii Alaska. And Washington state. In Washington state. Ninety three percent of the vote is in difference of ninety four ninety five thousand Rhonda Santa's with a point four percent lead in Florida. Another one of these tight Florida rates that about thirty four thirty five thousand votes. I hope all those big democratic counties are done are almost done because that can flip easily. That can flip easily. So we'll see. And one more. Let's see here. I'm just giving you what I know. This is what we know. It's pull that up bear with me folks as I get the raw numbers. And I have to refresh. That's about what we have there, Mr. producer. I don't see any. Nothing's really changed yet. Because we haven't had any new numbers lately. Let's look at some of these excuse me house races in Florida again. Many of them are just too close to call. Where they were supposed to take up. All right. Brian mast who they targeted? He wins in Florida. This is the gentleman the Iraqi war vet who lost both of his legs. You might recall. And he won his election there, and he had been targeted. I'm trying to find others. Well, they seem to be holding up. Pretty well. That doesn't mean we're not going to lose a few seats in Florida. We clearly will as I look at this whole thing. Honestly, if this world bomb, and it was his second year. They'd be touting this as a big deal. They'd be touting this big deal. So far, I'm not writing anything off they targeted. Mario Diaz Balart who was never gonna lose. He won. Let's see here. Well, one of the ones who they targeted with seventy seven percent of the vote in is Carlos Cabello. Carlos Cabello is behind by. Twenty five hundred votes with seventy seven percent of the vote in. In florida. So these are important races. Donna Shalala won her seat. Unfortunately, taking.

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