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Three we got a busy day to day we've got a big day it's friday we made it through the week i don't know how the miracle of the angel tree prison fellowship ministry and the mike gallagher show family of listeners continues you have absolutely knocked me knocked my socks off with your generosity to sending hundreds of kids to camp who are children of prisoners this is an amazing ministry and something about this has touched my heart and i guess yours because you have come through do you not know where we are with how many how many kids are going to be sent to summer camp right now who are the sons and daughters of prisoners i think we're up to two hundred and six after four days our original goal is to sixty we're almost there this is done stevens of mercyships dot org with the mercy minute the police in rome italy responded to a call that crying had been heard coming from an apartment they found an elderly italian couple and tears from loneliness many of their neighbors were away on vacation and they felt isolated the police responded by cooking a simple meal of spaghetti for the couple the officers also spent the evening socializing with them in a poetic facebook post police wrote my not always easy especially when the city empty and the neighbors are away sometimes loneliness dissolves into tears sometimes it's like.

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